Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Says Parenthood Changed Her Marriage With Roger Matthews Before Announcing Divorce

Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley recently announced her split with her husband Roger Matthews. According to Us Weekly, it was JWoww, 32, who filed for divorce after just three years of marriage. But in an interview just a week before announcing her divorce plans, JWoww spoke about how parenthood changed her relationship with Matthews.

“You are either going to grow together as a couple and do everything together, or it can like, [splits apart her hands],” said JWoww in an interview with Us Weekly.

“I always say never have kids unless you want to have kids. I know a lot of people that are trying to have kids to fix their relationship or do all these crazy things. No, no, do not do that. Have them to have them.”

JWoww added that parenthood requires a lot of sacrifices and that people have to “go above and beyond as a parent.” She said that most people don’t think about that when they think about having children. JWoww, who shares 3-year-old Meilani and 2-year-old Greyson with Matthews, officially filed for divorce on September 12. She is requesting “primary residential custody.”

In her interview, JWoww also spoke about the difficulty of having two children and trying to keep the romance alive.

“Greyson goes [to sleep] with Dad. He sleeps with him from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., but if Roger tries to get up and do anything, he wakes up. That’s why when Roger gets up for work, Greyson is up. It drives me nuts because it’s like, ‘I want to sleep in. I went to bed at midnight.’”

She added that her husband has a hectic schedule. He works from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and usually tries to go to the gym at some point. Matthews also sees a chiropractor. JWoww said that it was important for them to keep themselves in shape and healthy since having children can be a handful. When asked if the pair was planning to have more kids, she was adamant that they were done. She said that it would be hard for them both to have another child, especially for Matthews who is 43.

After the divorce was announced, Matthews took to Instagram to address it, saying, “I don’t blame her. There’s no cheating or any dumb s–t, any juicy details. She just grew tired of the repetitive pattern that we fell into … again, I’m not gonna get into detail but it was a repetitive pattern and not a good one.”

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