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Jenelle Evans Hospitalized: Police Confirm They Were Called To Her Home For An ‘Assault’

Uh oh! Jenelle Evans went to the hospital after a call was placed from the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star’s home reporting an assault. What’s going on?

Jenelle Evans, 26, may have been shouting out her hairstylist and flaunting her flat tummy on social media this week — but she’s been hush-hush about her wild weekend. Turns out the Teen mom 2 star was hospitalized on Oct. 13 after a 911 call was placed from her home in North Carolina, according to PEOPLE. At around 10 p.m., a female placed a call to the cops and reported an assault, the chief of 911 operations for Columbus County, North Carolina confirmed to the outlet. After requesting an ambulance, it was canceled. “The female was transported to the hospital via private vehicle instead.” An incident report reportedly wasn’t taken, so whatever happened must not have been too big of a deal — phew!

All the drama actually took place at a bonfire party with some friends, Jenelle’s rep told the outlet, adding, “Jenelle ended up tripping and falling by the fire.” Although that doesn’t sound too serious, we really hope she’s okay — especially since someone called the cops and cried assault at that party. Whatever the case, it’s been a hectic month for the MTV star. Not only did her family hunker down during the hurricane that hit North Carolina in September, but Jenelle’s son Kaiser, 4, was recently hospitalized for his first surgery. “Kaiser had to get tubes in his ears and his adenoids removed like I did when I was little,” Jenelle explained on Instagram, along with a few photos of the toddler in the hospital.

Looking at Jenelle and her husband David Eason‘s Instagram accounts now, though, no one would ever guess what went on at their house over the weekend. In fact, David just shared an almost-NSFW shot of his wife lying down in short shorts. “I’m just sitting here drooling, my wife looks over and says, ‘Did you hear me?” he captioned the pic. “Ummm what’d you say babe, I was preoccupied for a second!?”

They look happy and healthy to us! That’s a relief.

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