Jemele Hill Wants Hip Hop Industry To Denounce Gun Violence After Takeoff Death

Jemele Hill says she’s had enough with rappers dying from gun violence … and wants to see folks come together to talk about how to stop it once and for all.

We got Jemele at LAX Wednesday and asked her for solutions following Takeoff‘s death in Houston … she’s calling on artists, record labels and politicians to start tough conversations on gun violence.

While Jemele senses some of these talks may be going on behind closed doors … she highlights why it’s important to discuss issues and solutions surrounding gun violence in a public forum.

As we reported … Takeoff was shot and killed this week while visiting Houston, the coroner’s reports says bullets struck the Migos rapper in the head and torso.

Jemele also has strong thoughts on the practice of rappers “checking in” with certain people wherever they are traveling — comparing it to “some slave s***.” She says Black people should never have to feel unsafe going into another area.

For Jemele, she wants industry leaders to say enough is enough after the shooting deaths of Takeoff and PnB Rock — lamenting the fact nothing’s really changed since Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur were gunned down back in the day.

While Jemele says there’s certain things within her own community that need to be addressed in terms of gun violence, she tells us why the solution can’t be to stop going out and stop wearing bling.

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