Jeff Bezos' Mega Yacht Towed Away Amid Dutch Bridge Backlash

Jeff Bezos has been battling the Netherlands to build a massive yacht in their backyard — but it seems he’s relenting, ’cause his baby was dragged away at the ass crack of dawn.

A huge vessel being created for JB near the city of Rotterdam — a 417-ft long, three-mast beast called Y721 that costs around $500 mil — got the tow treatment very early Tuesday morning from a Dutch shipbuilding yard, where it’s been under construction for a while.

There’s video too … you can see a few different smaller ships leading Jeff’s away, and according to reports, they were trying to be low-key about this — with the timing (before sunrise) and the route — to get it to another shipyard about 24 miles away.

The reason for the seemingly secret mission here — there’s been a lot of outrage there over an historic bridge potentially being taken down just so Jeff’s mammoth superyacht can sail out to sea.

The bridge, which has landmark status, is known as De Hef  … and it’s right near the site where JB’s yacht has been getting pimped out by a company called Oceanco.

The problem … De Hef isn’t tall enough to accommodate Y721 passing through, and there was speculation Oceanco was going to ask the city to partially dismantle the bridge — on Jeff’s dime, of course — but that majorly pissed off locals.

The backlash was so intense, Oceanco reportedly backed off the bridge ask … and now, it seems they’re going to continue the build at a site nowhere near De Hef.

Word is this might delay the boat’s completion by several more months, so Jeff’s maiden voyage will have to be postponed a bit, it seems. As frustrated pirates put it … AARRGH!

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