Jeannie Mai Labeled a ‘Mess’ for Supporting T.I.’s Decision to Check Daughter’s Virginity

In an episode of ‘The Real’, the 40-year-old host says she supports the rapper ‘because I understand how hard it must be to communicate with an opposite-gender daughter.’

AceShowbiz -Not everyone is against T.I.‘s decision to check his daughter Deyjah’s virginity every year. Among those who support his parenting choice is Jeannie Mai, though her support naturally has sparked outrage on the Internet and she has landed in hot water now.

She let her support be known to the world in the Thursday, November 7 episode of “The Real“. She said, “I support what T.I. is doing… because I understand how hard it must be to communicate with an opposite-gender daughter, especially in this time. And especially what he must have seen and known, you know… of what boys are like.”

Jeannie then went on saying that T.I. is doing this kind of thing because “clearly he’s super concerned about today’s world and that everything promotes sex.” This prompted Eva Marcille to chime in, “Understandable.”

Unfortunately for Jeannie, most viewers of “The Real” didn’t share the same sentiment and were quick to criticize her. There was one who labeled her a “mess,” while another commented, “This is NOT muhf***ing it. This is disgusting and misogynistic and she is a grown woman.” One other expressed how disappointed s/he was with the 40-year-old, “I only came to say I’m completely disappointed with Jeannie Mai here. That is all.”

“Jeannie as someone who has been abused as a child and talks about it, should know better. I can’t believe this,” someone else added, while another suggested that they should replace Jeannie with “someone in their early 20s to be on this panel lol cuz y’all are really out of touch.” One individual, meanwhile, wrote, “What the hell Jeannie? Of all people, I thought you would be tearing apart over this. Y’all are just being biased because of personal relationship.”

Tip received heavy backlash after he revealed that he has doctor check daughter Deyjah’s hymen every year to make sure that his daughter is still a virgin. While the 18-year-old girl has kept quite about this issue, she was recently caught liking several tweets that were meant to diss her rapper father.

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