Ivana Trump turns heads with recent comments on Donald

As the nation continues to watch for news on Donald Trump’s health since his COVID-19 diagnosis early Friday morning, so too does the president’s ex-wife, Ivana Trump. According to People, Ivana has been receiving updates on Donald through the couple’s three children, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka. Ivana admits she is stressed about the situation, and even called her ex-husband “careless.” She told the publication, “I am afraid. I’m going to be afraid until he gets well and he gets out of it.”

Ivana’s fear stems in part from all of the unknowns associated with the coronavirus. She stated, “…who knows what will happen, because I don’t know anything about this virus and nobody else does and nobody knows how to cure it.” That said, Ivana believes her ex-husband is generally a healthy man. “Not healthiest with food,” she clarified, “but very healthy otherwise — always washes his hands and always is careful. His only weakness is food. He likes the Big Mac—it’s his biggest weakness.”

Meanwhile, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanja Gupta, told the news outlet, “There is a very significant level of concern right now. It’s worrisome. Just his age, his pre-existing conditions…that’s worrisome.” Trump is 74 years old and is considered obese. Apart from her concerns about her ex-husband’s illness, Ivana also offered her opinion on his attitude towards COVID and his efforts at re-election.

Ivana Trump reacted to Trump's performance at the debate

Trump has long been criticized for all the ways in which he has downplayed the severity of the coronavirus. He has blatantly ignored public health officials suggestions to wear a mask and practice social distancing, behavior Ivana referred to as “careless.” “He didn’t think it would happen to him,” she said. Most recently, at the first presidential debate that took place three days before Trump’s positive diagnosis, Trump mocked Joe Biden for his mask habits while Trump himself and several members of his family refused to wear masks inside the debate hall (via ABC News). 

On the whole, the first presidential debate was unlike any other, some have even called it an embarrassment (per Business Insider). But Ivana Trump, who was married to Donald from 1977-1992, described the debate as “catastrophic.” She told People, “It was catastrophic on both sides. Donald was not well, and Biden was not well at all, so it was just a horrible, horrible debate. I don’t know what people took out of it, but it left me totally empty.”

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