Isabel Roloff Reignites Feud with Audrey: You Will Never Destroy Me!

As all readers very well know by now, we’re in the middle of both a pandemic and an unprecedented uprising against decades of racism in America.

It’s not really an exaggeration to state that this, RIGHT NOW, is the most challenging time in our country’s history.

What does this possibly have to do with the headline above and/or the basis for this celebrity gossip story?

It’s simple, really: Isabel Roloff no longer has time for her sister-in-law’s crap!

For years now, we’ve documented the subtle-and-yet-very-obvious feud between Isabel, her husband Jacob and Audrey Roloff.

The latter pair formerly starred on Little People, Big World together… until Jacob quit in disgust four years ago and then Audrey followed suit (on far more amicable terms) in 2018.

They couldn’t really be any different, either.

Audrey talks constantly about her religion and her faith and her family values. Some critics out there think she talks down to them about these topics.

Jacob, conversely, is an atheist with no children and a very carefree lifestyle, typically traveling across the Pacific Northwest with his wife and dogs in their RV.

It’s rather evident, too, that Jacob thinks Audrey is full of talk and hollow words or gestures, while lacking the capacity to actually make a difference in other people’s lives.

He basically came right out and said this upon slamming Audrey’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement a few days ago.

Now, Isabel is clearly come out swinging against Audrey, too.

Earlier this week, she shared an Instagram story meme that read: “Control how you respond to things sent to destroy your peace.”

Did she mention by Audrey by name? No.

Did she elaborate on the meaning behind this quote? No.

But Isabel and Jacob have been attending protests and rallies in Oregon, while listing organizations to which one can donate and trying desperately to get people involved in this moment in history.


She’s been quoting the bible.

And Jacob has indirectly been criticizing her for it.

“Things like this are very, very bad,” he wrote this month in response to Black Lives Matter posts with no call to action or information on how fans could work with the movement, adding:

“White people with moneyed cameras and moneyed families using black music, black message, black faces, to spread police propaganda and white Christian voices while contributing nothing to the movement, no call to donation, no call to action; only empty gestures and fancy platitudes.

“This is not activism!” Jacob concluded.

He then added a link to donate to a fund in George Floyd’s daughter’s name.

isabel echoed his sentiment at the time and wrote:

“Where is the call to action? A video is a video but where is the donation button?”

Jacob has since directly called out his relatives, prompting us to assume that Isabel is doing the same thing here with Audrey.

Is she bothered by a sister-in-law who thinks she’s being all helpful and profound and generous? Yes.

But will Audrey’s attitude and behavior destroy Isabel’s peace? No chance.

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