I’m A Celeb’s Naughty Boy reprimanded on day one over contraband spices

Naughty Boy was reprimanded on the first day of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! as he smuggled in contraband spices.

The hit music producer lived up to his "naughty boy" name as he opened a small bag of spices as the stars prepared the first night's dinner.

The 36 year old hoped he could rustle up some meals for his camp mates to be proud of by sneaking in some additional spices to add flavour to the rice and beans.

However, the star was seen having his spices taken off him on the first day, dashing his dream of cooking up a storm in the castle.

"Before I left, I grinded some spices that could make rice and beans actually taste a bit nice so what I did, I put it in my sock.," he said, before the contraband was confiscated. "There's cumin seeds, cloves, turmeric, coriander seeds. If you could smell this. Wow. And black peppercorns."

Naughty Boy then left the Telegraph and explained to his campmates: "I had whole organic spices so I crushed some and I put it in cling film and I put it in my sock.

"I thought I was going to add it to the rice and beans and make it taste better but I asked them if it was ok if I used a bit because we're suffering enough as it is and they confiscated it."

His fellow campmates still appreciated the effort though, with Richard Madeley telling him: "It was really good of you to think of us like that."

He lated added: "Well Naughty Boy had really lived up to his name. He smuggled in something for camp. I think that's a real mark of character actually.

"And we've got to bend the rules a bit here and I can promise you, having spoken to everybody here, this is not going to be the last time that the rules are bent."

The producer, whose real name is Shahid, previously admitted the main reason he wanted to go on the show was to challenge himself and show the public the real him.

“I am excited about going on I’m A Celebrity now. I want people to know the real me. I am not a celebrity at all.

“My music is the celebrity and now is the chance for me to show people what I am really like.”

Naughty Boy also opened up about his relationship with his beloved Mum who he cares for as she suffers from dementia and admitted he would “miss” her the most.

He explained: “I think it is important for people like myself to create awareness about it. Dementia UK needs constant funding, and I am going to miss Mum the most whilst I am away in the Castle.

“I live with Mum, and I am used to seeing her all the time. Mum hasn’t been very well, and it is going to be difficult for me being away.

“But that said, I think the break will be good for both of us.”

The first trial saw Naughty Boy walk the plank off a cliff top in Wales along with Louise Minchin, Snoochie Shy and Danny Miller.

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