Idris Elba Doll Mercilessly Mocked For Looking Nothing Like The Actor!

A UK manufacturing company is under fire for making an Idris Elba doll that many feel besmirches his name and, more importantly, sexiness.

Fans have ridiculed the figurine for looking nothing like the “Sexiest Man Alive” it’s supposedly based on, with many claiming it’s closer in likeness to 40-Year-old Virgin actor Romany Malco, Flash Gordon villain Ming the Merciless, or even… a black Mr. Bean? Ouch.

But despite the Twitter mockery, Idris Dollba is apparently selling like hot cakes. Emperis, the company behind the dolls, claims only two remain unsold — and that consumers have been snatching up the bald-headed action figure for over $1,100!

The company says it has been “making handcrafted fine art and fashion dolls since 2010.” Other celebs who have been sculpted into dolls by this “special kind of art form” include Cher and Freddie Mercury.

Sounds like quite the honor! But we think these Twitter reactions beg to differ:

Do YOU think Idris Dollba is that bad?

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