How The View's Joy Behar became the most RAUNCHY host on morning TV

How The View’s Joy Behar, 81, became the RAUNCHIEST host on daytime TV: Inside the star’s most scandalous on-screen moments – from quips about G-spots and tales of ‘GHOST sex’ to candidly revealing her pubic baldness 

  • Comedian Joy is one of the original panelists of the ABC daytime talk show
  • The mother-of-one is certainly no prude and enjoys joking about her sex life
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From her blunt remarks and outspoken views, to her comedic quips and near-the-mark revelations, it’s hard to imagine The View without the one and only Joy Behar.

The redhead has been a familiar face on the much-loved daytime show for more than 25 years, and despite being the oldest woman at the table at 81 – she has proven time and time again that she is certainly no prude.

Indeed, it seems that no topic is off limits for the daytime favorite, who features four days a week and stands in as moderator for Whoopi Goldberg on Fridays.

In fact, mother-of-one Joy has made clear that it’s a case of the raunchier the better  – particularly when it comes to sharing her thoughts on love, relationships, and even her own sexual escapades.

Comedian Joy Behar has been a host on popular daytime talk show The View since 1997

The 81-year-old appears on the ABC program four days a week and always has plenty to say

Joy, pictured here in 2014, has been married to her husband Steve Janowitz since 2011 

Joy – who was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 1942 – certainly had humble beginnings and prior to becoming a household name in television, she worked at Lindenhurst Senior High School on Long Island teaching English. 

Her showbusiness career kicked off in the early 1980s after she moved from receptionist to producer on Good Morning America.

As well as studying acting at the HB Studio, she also worked as a stand-up comedian, making appearances on GMA and The New Show, a short-lived Lorne Michaels NBC project. 

In 1987, she began hosting and fronted variety talk show Way Off Broadway on Lifetime Television, as well as Live from Queens. Joy was also a regular on NBC’s Baby Boom.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, she enjoyed minor film roles in movies including  Cookie, This Is My Life, and Manhattan Murder Mystery. She also got the chance to host a talk-show on 77 WABC radio in NYC and appeared on HBO comedy specials One Night Stand and Women of the Night 2. 

Joy made her debut on The View in 1997, standing in when the show’s co-creator Barbara Walters was off, before becoming a permanent fixture.

She announced her departure in March 2013 before bowing out on August 9, but she continued to co-host throughout 2014 and 2015 when she decided to return as a regular.

With the show’s 27th season well and truly under way, and Joy already providing many of the most memorable moments, takes a look at some of her recent racy and wild remarks.

In October 2022, Joy joked that she’d had sex with spirits and said Casper ‘was not a generous lover’

In October 2022, Joy joked she has ‘sex with ghosts’ in a bizarre and racy chat on The View

The panel couldn’t stop laughing at Joy’s comment as Whoopi Goldberg (left) said ‘I’m just gonna let that ride’

Back in October 2022, Joy shocked her co-hosts when she joked she’d had ‘sex with ghosts’ while discussing a story about a Texas woman who claims ghosts flirt with her.

After showing a clip of the woman explaining her predicament, Joy said: ‘So, let me help you out here. She’s having a sexual hallucination, which, you know, we all have them.’

‘If you have sex with a ghost, do you get pregnant?’ asked Sara Haines, 46, before raising the question of whether it counts as ‘cheating’.

‘I’ve had sex with a few ghosts and never got pregnant,’ Joy muttered as Whoopi, 67, told the live studio audience: ‘I’m just gonna let that ride. I don’t know how many of you heard what Joy just said but I’m gonna let it ride.’ 

But Joy clearly wasn’t finished with the topic and revisited it a week later.

‘So let me just set the record straight, OK? It’s all true. It’s all true. It’s all true. I have had sex with ghosts,’ she said. ‘I just thought Casper was not a generous lover. The ménage à trois, it was almost like having sex with myself.’ 

And almost a year later, Joy mentioned sex with ghosts yet again while making a brutal dig at her past lovers.

Earlier this month, Joy made a cheeky dig at her past lovers and claimed they ‘acted like ghosts’ in the bedroom

Joy was speaking to The View’s executive producer Brian Teta when she made the hilarious comment

In the October 11 episode of The View: Behind the Table podcast, the show’s executive producer Brian Teta brought it up and asked Joy if she had ever ‘slept’ with a ghost.

‘You’ve also famously said that “ghosts aren’t real”, but in the past you’ve actually had several headlines from a joke you made about sleeping with ghosts…,’ Brian, 47, probed.

Joy laughed: ‘Those are jokes! People don’t seem to remember that I’m actually a comedian, I did it for more than 35 years, onstage, making people laugh!’ 

Keen to get a definitive answer, Brian asked: ‘Okay let’s clear the air right now, Joy Behar have you ever had sex with a ghost?’

‘No,’ Joy replied, before cheekily adding: ‘But some of them acted like ghosts! And there weren’t that many by the way, I was pretty virginal!’

Joy stunned the panel when she admitted she was going bald in a VERY intimate area live on air

Mother-of-one Joy opened up about her body hair on the show in early October

Sunny Hostin (right) claimed that Joy once told her ‘as you get older, that hair down there and everywhere else goes gray or bald’

Joy left her co-hosts flabbergasted when she spoke about her intimate parts.

The comedian spoke candidly about the aging process during a discussion about Pamela Anderson choosing to go makeup-free at Paris Fashion Week.

The conversation bizarrely prompted host Sunny Hostin to ask Joy: ‘You told me as you get older, that hair down there and everywhere else goes gray or bald.’

As the rest of the panel laughed in shock, Sunny, 55, then admitted that she has undergone several ‘medieval type procedures’ – including hair laser removal – in order to ‘avoid that’. 

Joy then grilled Sunny on other steps she has taken to prevent any greying hair, asking if she had ever resorted to hair removal cream – which she wrongly referred to as ‘alopecia’. 

Mother-of-three Sara was clearly intrigued by the topic and asked Joy: ‘Does it fall out eventually?’ 

Joy replied: ‘What? The hair down there? Yes, you get bald. So what? Who needs it?’

As the women burst out laughing again, the camera cut to an unimpressed Whoopi, 67, who, pointing to her cheek, said: ‘Or it shows up somewhere else… here or here or there, it’s crazy.’

As the ABC program cut to a commercial break, Joy could be heard telling the ladies that you get ‘one long white one growing’.

Joy shocked viewers when she claimed drinking alcohol is the ‘key’ to maintaining a healthy sex life

Joy, pictured here with Steve in 2019, said drinking a martini ‘on an empty stomach’ is key to having a healthy sex life

Joy claimed that online dating is ‘the worst’ and women should go to bars to meet men instead

It seems even when the cameras aren’t rolling, Joy still enjoys talking about sex.

In an episode of the Behind the Table podcast, Joy and the rest of the panel were recorded dishing out advice to viewers during a commercial break – and she certainly didn’t hold back.

The comedian divulged how she keeps the passion alive in the bedroom, claiming all it takes is an afternoon martini ‘on an empty stomach’ – and thinking about somebody that you ‘really wanna sleep with’.

She also talked about the current dating landscape as she branded apps ‘the worst’.

‘I’m so glad that I’m old because this is the worst idea I’ve ever heard of,’ she said of applications such as Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble.

‘Online dating is the worst. Meet them at a bar, get drunk and go home with them, that’s the way to do it. I would just write, “If you wanna know more about me, take me out for a drink…”‘

She added: ‘I’m not telling them all my assets! No!’

Joy also had plenty to say when another viewer admitted that they were dating three different men – one who is great in bed, one who plans amazing dates, and one who they can talk to for hours – and asked which one she should choose.

‘The one to talk to is good for marriage, especially after 30 years,’ Joy declared. 

But when her co-host Sunny reminded her that ‘they’re just dating,’ she added: ‘I guess the one who is good in bed for me!’

Referring to the sex, Joy then advised: ‘If you don’t have it at the beginning, you’ll never get it!’ 

Comedian left co-host Whoopi Goldberg scared when she made VERY racy comment about her sex life

Joy left her co-stars open-mouthed in shock earlier this month when she made a cheeky confession about her sex life

Sunny (right) thought that Joy’s comments about her sex life were hilarious

Just one day after sharing too much information about her pubic hair, Joy had the panel in fits of laughter once more when she mentioned her past sexual escapades live on air.

The redhead claimed that when it comes to the bedroom, it’s a matter of ‘quality’ – not quantity – as she hinted that men haven’t always been able to locate her G spot. 

Her admission came as the panel discussed actress Rachel Bilson’s recent claim that she would find it ‘weird’ if a single man in his 40s had only slept with four women.

Whoopi admitted she found Rachel’s comments ‘very odd’, while Joy claimed it wouldn’t bother if her lover had only been with four sexual partners, blurting out: ‘If one out of the four can locate my G spot, I’m all in! I don’t need thousands, get me one good one!’

The live studio burst out laughing at Joy’s raunchy remark, but Whoopi was more concerned and quipped: ‘That scares me! If you don’t know where that G spot is by now…’

Joy – who has been married to Steve Janowitz since 2011 – felt the need to explain herself further, firing back: ‘I know where it is! I’m going to form a search party soon for them to find it!’ 

Sunny Hostin was almost lost for words when Joy accused her of ‘faking ORGASMS’ live on air

Joy made a very cheeky comment about Sunny’s sex life and suggested she ‘fakes orgasms’ 

Sunny, 55, did not look overly impressed as 81-year-old Joy made the saucy quip 

It’s not very often that Sunny is lost for words, but she came close in September when Joy turned the tables and attempted to delve into her sex life.

The panel were discussing Cindy Crawford’s recent comments about how she ‘changed’ herself to make her marriage to Richard Gere work.

‘If Richard Gere wanted me to become a Buddhist yogi, I probably would do it!’ Sunny joked, before adding: ‘Look at Richard Gere!’

Referring to her own 25-year marriage, she revealed that she has ‘pretended to do a lot of things,’ to which Joy replied: ‘Did you really?’

‘Absolutely. I told Manny… I mean I am a faithful person and Catholic… I told him I went to church every single Sunday,’ Sunny said.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, 34, asked: ‘You don’t? I assumed you did!’ Sunny added: ‘I stopped going every Sunday!’

But Joy had to take things one step further and blurted out: ‘Sunny, I bet you’ve…’ before turning to the live studio audience and asking: ‘Don’t you think she fakes orgasms? Tell me, do you?’

A rather unimpressed looking Sunny pursed her lips and fired back: ‘Well, I don’t have to, Joy. I’m one of the lucky ones.’

The rest of the panel and the live studio audience gasped in shock at the cheeky exchange as Whoopi told everyone: ‘You can’t unhear this. I’m just telling you, you cannot unhear anything you’ve heard today. It’s going to be with you the rest of the day!’ 

Joy turned the air blue in July 2023 when she blurted out a rude word during a debate about Kylie Jenner

Joy was told off by her co-hosts back in July when she turned the air blue

Sara didn’t look impressed after Joy used a rude word that had to be bleeped out

Earlier this year, Joy was reprimanded by her fellow panelists Alyssa and Sara after she blurted out a rude word live on air during a heated debate about Kylie Jenner’s boob job.

Producers were forced to bleep out the offensive language as the outspoken 81-year-old shared her thoughts on Kylie’s plastic surgery confession.

Alyssa and Sara were shocked by Joy’s choice of language – which appeared to be the word ‘t*ts’ – as Sara told her: ‘You can’t say that!’ 

Kylie, 25, had confirmed during an episode of The Kardashians that she went under the knife at the tender age of 19, but said that she regretted altering her ‘beautiful breasts’.

During the debate, Joy shared several controversial opinions – stating first that women only have their breasts made bigger ‘for men’ before suggesting that ‘small boobs look better in dresses’ – neither of which her panelists agreed with. 

However, Joy clearly didn’t care about what she could and could not say live on air and urged her co-stars not to feel sorry for Kylie and the other Kardashians.

‘So, Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian clan has opened up about her regret over getting a breast augmentation,’ Joy said.

‘She did it before she had a baby and then the baby came and she says that she really regrets that she did it and she hopes that her daughter will not do such a thing.’

Joy continued: ‘Now, this is to make them bigger, not smaller because if you want… people have backaches sometimes from how big they are, I mean you’re walking like Quasimodo sometimes!’

As the panel laughed, Joy added: ‘To make them bigger is strictly for men, in my opinion, because the truth is small boobs look better in dresses. Models don’t have [bleep]… or whatever you want to call them!’

It’s unsure exactly what Joy said, but Alyssa was heard giggling nervously as she asked her: ‘Can we say that?!’ 

Joy found it hilarious and burst out laughing as Sara informed them: ‘I’m pretty sure you can’t.’

As she attempted to share her thoughts, Joy could still be heard laughing and clearly didn’t see a problem with what she’d said.

In August 2023, Joy overshared a bit too much when she claimed ‘sex is best’ when she’s on vacation in Italy

Back in August 2023, Joy admitted ‘sex is best’ when she’s on vacation in Italy

Executive producer Brian Teta looked embarrassed during the segment

Things got a little bit too hot under the collar on The View back in August when Whoopi and Joy spoke very openly about their sexual escapades.

The Sister Act star left executive producer Brian cringing with his head in his hands while brazenly discussing the difficulties of getting intimate in a swimming pool.

‘You know, if you tried to have sex in the pool, you know that’s not easy because you’re trying to go up the hill and you’re getting resistance from the water that is within…’ Whoopi blurted out, as Joy warned her: ‘Watch it now!’

However, Joy herself also shared a bit too much information as she joked: ‘I think an idea might be, you go on vacation with your husband then you have sex with somebody you meet there. Now, that’s a vacation!’

She continued: ‘The best sex is in Italy, I don’t know why, I think there’s something in the food. I’ve been to a lot of different countries…’ as Sunny suggested: ‘It’s the wine.’

Joy agreed and responded: ‘The wine! That’s it! There is no junk in the wine!’

Alyssa added: ‘There’s no sulfites so you don’t get headaches, you’re not feeling hangover the next day.’

Alyssa then predicted the show would be cut to a commercial as Whoopi turned to Brian and said: ‘Oh you’re trying to move me on now, right? You tell me get engaged in the conversation, then I start to get engaged, then you want me to stop talking!’ 

Joy made a saucy comment about Barbara Walters’ ‘porn days’ during an interview with Geri Halliwell

Joy made a hilarious comment about her late co-star Barbara Walters recently

More recently, Joy made a cheeky quip about her former co-star, the late Barbara Walters.

Barbara, who co-created The View along with Bill Geddie, died in December 2022.

The panel were interviewing Geri Halliwell at the beginning of October when she started reminiscing about the advice Barbara had given her on how to smile in front of the cameras. 

‘Barbara, she’s an amazing lady. She taught me one thing, she said [she] had a camera smile that she uses, and I always still use this piece of advice,’ the Spice Girl explained. 

‘She said when you’re in front of a camera, you notice how you feel a bit stiff, and she always goes, “Ahh.” You look into the camera and go, “Ahh.” You get the right kind of smile. That’s the Barbara smile. It stayed with me,’ Geri explained.

Joy responded: ‘She did it every time she took a photograph. It has to have the mouth open.’ The comedian then cracked a joke about her late co-host’s smile, adding, ‘Well, those are from her porn days!’

The joke prompted co-host Alyssa to exclaim ‘Oh my God’ while the audience laughed and Joy stated: ‘They know it’s a joke!’

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