Hilaria Baldwin stares lovingly into her one-week-old son's eyes

Hilaria Baldwin cradles her newborn son Eduardo as he turns one week old: ‘We stare down at each other’

Hilaria Baldwin gave birth to a beautiful baby Eduardo last week after previously revealing miscarriages. 

The Mom Brain podcast host – who now has five kids with 62-year-old husband of eight years, actor Alec Baldwin – shared a new photo of her youngest child on Tuesday. 

‘A week old. We stare down at each other,’ the 36-year-old wrote in her caption. 

Stare down: Hilaria Baldwin, 36, posted a sweet Instagram snap of her holding her one week old son, Eduardo as they ‘stare each other down’. The baby makes five children she now shares with husband Alec Baldwin

Looking at her new son, as he stared back Hilaria sweetly smiled as she held her latest little creation. 

The baby was dressed in a light blue jumper as his little hands could be seen from the frame. 

For her day at home with her newborn, Hilaria wore a black tank top and a large pair of diamond earrings. 

Up close: The yoga guru shares a close up snap of she and her newborn ‘Edu’ lying down. The baby can be seen sleeping as she protectively watched on

Rosie O’Donnell was quick to comment ‘awwwww’ on the snap, with other fans thanking Hilaria for sharing her life as it ‘provides a much-needed relief from the news.’ 

Hilaria’s Instagram is full of content of herself, her husband Alec and their five children together, Carmen, seven, Leonardo, four, Rafael, five, Romeo, two, and their latest Eduardo. 

On Tuesday she continued to most more baby snaps as she Instastoried a photo of her and a tiny ‘Edu’ laying down. 

The newborn was sleeping as Hilaria watched him in a pair of overalls and a floral waffle t-shirt.  

Frankenstein hands: Alec shared snaps of him holding baby Eduardo where he calls his hands frankenstein sized compared to the baby

Worn out: The matriarch posted a full family photo of she and Alec laying down as they cuddle on the couch with their large family as they watched TV

 Alec also posted a photo of him holding their new son as he joked ‘Frankenstein holds the baby’ referring to his large hands in comparison to his small son. 

Hilaria continues to share daily content of her family but it does not come without backlash from her fans. 

After followers were trying to dictate the content of her Instagram page Hilaria posted clapped back days ago at haters in a post that quickly garnered a supportive response from husband Alec.

No haters: Hilaria posted a lengthy message to her followers defending her right to post as little or as much as she would like regarding her family. She maintained that she would block anyone trying to dictate that 

In the lengthy message to her 815K followers Hilaria proclaims that she will post about how she and the family are doing on social media but if she sees people trying to dictate how much or how little to post she will block them.

 ‘5 kids in we are happy, healthy, bonded, tired, busy but blessed’ she wrote. 

She also detailed how this content is intended for members of her family who can’t meet the baby boy yet and only get to see photos of him. 

‘When I see a negative comment I always wonder…why do you follow me if you don’t like what you see?’

Multi-tasking: The Extra star shared a photo of her breastfeeding while she was brushing her teeth just three days after giving birth to her son

 Fiercely protective husband Alec commented ‘ I am proud of you that you posted this. The content of this page is determined by you and you alone. And NO ONE has better instincts about the public/private wall than you.’ 

He continued, ‘those who visit these sites to express their harsh judgments and insinuate how you should conduct yourself deserve one policy. Block them.This is not a debate.’

The author has been open about suffering two miscarriages in 2019 which was obviously very hard on she and the family. 

She said that she and Alec had originally lost their fifth baby four months into her pregnancy.   

Baby blessing: The New York resident has gotten candid about the fact that she and Alec suffered the loss of her fifth child four months into pregnancy before she was able to conceive again with Eduardo 

Hilaria and Alec first got together in 2011 following a ‘chance meeting’ after seeing her at a restaurant.  

‘As I turned to my left I saw a woman who would change my life. Entirely’ the comedian wrote. 

Hilaria told Mariska Hargitay for Beach Magazine that she was unsure about his intentions at first because he didn’t kiss her for six weeks. When Alec did finally make his move things heated up quickly. 

The couple moved in together five months into their relationship and got married a year and a half later in 2012.

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