Helen Mirren’s sharing her Bradford experience on Instagram, and we can’t get enough

Helen Mirren is documenting her hilarious tour of Bradford which has involved hen dos, a curry and the Chuckle Brothers.

There are some places you would expect to spot an A-list Hollywood actor, and there are some that you would… not.

For example, if you booked a table at The Beverly Hills Hotel in LA, or The Ivy in London’s West End you might think there was a decent chance of spotting a famous face. But, you probably wouldn’t expect to stumble across someone who has, say, been awarded an Academy Award, an Emmy and a Tony (and is one of the few actors to do so) in your local curry house in Bradford.

But then again, Helen Mirren has never played by the rules, has she?

Because yes, Mirren is currently in Bradford (presumably for filming purposes) and is having THE TIME OF HER LIFE. 

Seriously, she may have the whole world at her fingertips, but this week the unique delights of Bradford appear to be enthralling Mirren, including – wait for it – the Chuckle Brothers.

The actor has taken to Instagram to document her adventures in the northern city, at first sharing a snap of a dim Bradford street, writing: “the one and only Bradford with its own magic.”

She also tucked into an “Indian/Pakistani dinner” at a curry house and said that the restaurant just “doesn’t get any better”, as well as meeting some “gals having a great eighties night out”. 

But our favourite image has to be that of Mirren, arm-in-arm with Billy Pearce and one half of the Chuckle Brothers, wearing a light-up tiara after attending a pantomime.

Next to the picture, she captions: “Last night at The Panto Snow White in the magnificent Alhambra Theater in Bradford. I yelled ‘he’s behind you’ and wearing my light up blue tiara and laughed my socks off at two legends, Billy Pearce and Paul Chuckle. It was an honour to meet them afterwards. Thank you, you guys are truely awesome.”

What can we say – it seems the charms of Bradford are irresistible to even the worldliest, and we absolutely love it. Mirren has proven once again what a down-to-earth legend she is. 

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