Harry Styles’ Guilty Pleasure Involves One Direction, Y’all

It’s 2020, which means One Direction has been apart for as long as they were together. After the group announced their indefinite hiatus in 2015, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson went on to pursue solo projects. Having just released Fine Line in December 2019, Styles is two albums deep into his solo career, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgetting where he came from. In fact, Styles ensures One Direction is still part of his daily life in the smallest way. While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Harry Styles’ revealed his guilty pleasure involves One Direction, and when you find out what he means by that, you’ll totally relate.

Everyone knows DeGeneres is the gift-giving queen, so, weeks after Styles appeared on her talk show on Dec. 18 to promote his second record, the host surprised fans with a never-before-seen clip from the episode. This time, Styles took the hot seat in DeGeneres’ popular "Burning Questions" bit. Stars like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lopez previously participated in the game. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, "Burning Questions" involves DeGeneres and a celebrity friend asking each other some very juicy questions, resulting in some surprising answers.

First, DeGeneres asked Styles the most important question that came to mind: whether he preferred boxers or briefs (spoiler alert: he chose briefs). Then, she asked Styles for his three favorite body parts on a woman, and he gave the sweetest answer by saying, "eyes, smile, character."

A few hilarious questions and answers later, DeGeneres asked Styles for his biggest guilty pleasure. "Working out to One Direction," Styles said. The audience and DeGeneres couldn’t help but laugh at his response, causing Styles to break out into a huge smile.

Watch the whole bit below.

When he was originally on the show last month, Styles also participated in a hilarious hidden camera prank involving a pizza delivery guy. When the guy arrived to deliver pizza to Styles, DeGeneres ordered Styles how to act toward him, and, of course, she had the most random ideas for him to play out.

Watch the hidden camera prank below.

DeGeneres and Styles are the ultimate duo because whenever they get together, fans are always entertained.

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