Happy 49th Birthday Mark Wahlberg: 15 Times His Shirtless Body Made Jaws Drop At The Beach

Happy Birthday, Mark Wahlberg! Today, June 5, the actor turns 49 years old and to commemorate the day, we’re taking a look back at some of his hottest shirtless pics that make our jaws totally drop!

It’s Mark Wahlberg‘s 49th birthday! To celebrate the Departed actor’s special day, we’re taking a look back at some of his hottest shirtless moments from his time on the beach. Like any hard working actor, Mark loves to get in some rest and relaxation, and he has done just that when taking some time for himself when he’s hit the beach!

Whether he’s on holiday or taking a break from his rigorous work schedule, Mark clearly enjoys soaking up the sun, and taking in the sand and serf. Often times, the actor blesses his legions of fans by going shirtless and showing off his impressively built core, which he maintains through strict diet and exercise. The action star’s physique is always top notch, and fans have really noticed!


More often than not, Mark is seen showing off his built form while wearing colorful swim trunks! The actor’s been spotted wearing his swimming gear in shades of oranger, lavender, and of course blue! Regardless of the season, Mark always looks ready for some quality time at the beach with his beautiful wife, Rhea Durham, and their four kids — daughters Ella and Grace and sons Michael and Brendan.


Mark is known for his work in films like Patriot DayTransformers: The Last Knight, Boogie Nights, and The Fighter, the latter for which he earned his second Oscar nomination. With such intense and physically demanding roles, it’s no wonder the actor, who will turn 50 next year, maintains such a strict regiment of diet and exercise. Of course, that means that fans don’t just get to enjoy the results of Mark’s hard work by seeing him on the big screen, if they’re lucky enough, they might just pass by him on the beach!

But there are so many more hunky photos from where these came from! To see more images of Mark Wahlberg going shirtless at the beach, check out the rest of the gallery above!

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