Gogglebox’s Vanessa Malone ‘proud’ as she flaunts slimmed-down figure after new health regime

Gogglebox star Vanessa Malone has proudly shown off her slimmed-down figure while ringing in her milestone 30th birthday with a night out with pals.

Vanessa, who rarely appears on the Channel 4 series alongside her famous family, looked incredible in a slew of snaps from her celebrations on Monday evening.

In her lengthy caption, the beauty reflected on her "rollercoaster twenties" as she revealed that she felt "very unhappy" with what she "saw in the mirror" after becoming a single mother to three children.

Vanessa kickstarted her fitness journey nine months ago as she wanted to be "thirty, flirty and thriving" and now acknowledges that her healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on her children too.

The brunette wrote: "My twenties was a bit of a rollercoaster of a journey, so many high points but naturally with it's fair share of low points too.

"Over the last 10 years I've studied (lots), graduated twice, had 3 beautiful babies, secured my dream job, studied some more, made the most amazing group of friends, and so much more.

"My twenties also saw the breakdown of my relationship, me become a single mum and me become very unhappy with what I saw in the mirror."

Vanessa explained that people told her she "looked fine" and that she just had "baby weight", which would "come off eventually".

"I was so unhappy, yet I had no motivation to lose it, I didn't feel comfortable, just didn't feel like me," she reflected.

The television star went on to reveal that she finally worked up the motivation to make some changes nine months ago.

"I promised myself that I wouldn't go into this next chapter unhappy in myself and that I would be that cliche 'thirty, flirty and thriving' … so I set myself a goal.

"I worked on myself for the first time in so long, I made myself a priority again- which felt very alien after spending the last 6 years purely focussing on the kids, but I know that these changes will also have a positive impact on them too. I wanted to be healthy and happy, for both me and them."

Revealing that she was "proud" of herself, Vanessa continued: "I'm currently a couple of kilos less than the weight I set myself as a target and back to feeling like myself again.

"Yes, the weight is just a number, but how I feel when I look in the mirror is what matters the most. I'm finally okay with how I look and comfortable to wear what I want again."

Vanessa added that her twenties "helped me realise that I've got the best support around me, especially from my amazing friends, my 3 beautiful children who are my biggest fans and remind me every day that I'm the best mummy in the world (my biggest achievement) and my family.

"My twenties has taught me so many life lessons, and I'm so glad that I've come out the other side so much stronger.

"It's important to always know your worth, never settle and keep your standards as high as you deserve," she concluded.

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