Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry is urged to stop doctoring her snaps

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry is urged by fans to stop doctoring her snaps as she’s accused of giving herself a TINY waist in latest social media offering

Chloe Ferry has faced an onslaught of criticism from her fans, who have urged her to stop editing images of herself, following her latest upload to Instagram.

On Saturday, the Geordie Shore star, 23, shared a snapshot of herself standing in an airport, and her extraordinarily tiny waist and thighs immediately caught the attention of her followers — many of whom accused her of manipulating the image.

Echoing a stream of pleas aimed at the reality star, one fan commented under the snap: ‘Please stop photoshopping Chloe! You’re incredibly beautiful without it!’ [sic]

Plea: Chloe Ferry has faced an onslaught of criticism from her fans, who have urged her to stop editing images of herself, following her latest upload to Instagram over the weekend

Sharing that sentiment, another said: ‘Why can’t you post a picture that you’ve not photoshopped to make yourself look better, serious issues with that metal rail.’

A third fan asked: ‘Why cant you post a picture without photoshopping it first?’

In the image, Chloe was seen wearing a all-black ensemble that included a tight Balmain T-shirt with leggings, along with the caption: ‘Spend half my life travelling.’ 

Accusations: Chloe has been accused of doctoring images of herself on numerous occasions

Defence: As the criticisms rolled in, a number of the reality star’s fans leapt to her defence

And while a number of fans accused Chloe of editing the image, many other spoke out in her defence, referencing Jesy Nelson’s recently-aried BBC documentary Odd One Out, in which she opened up about her battles with depression and bullying. 

One wrote: ‘After watching the program with jesy nelson these comments are mostly just the same as hers were, stand proud no matter how you look or what people chose to do with their bodies who are we to judge, we’re all human inside and have feelings like everyone else.’ [sic]

‘Seriously all these trolls need to watch jesy nelsons odd one out,’ stated another. ‘Absolutely disgusting the abuse you girl this poor girl!

‘If you dont like how she looks why do you bother following her and looking at her pictures! I hate to think the damage you are causing!’ [sic] 

Questions: The Geordie Shore star has often shown herself to be sporting a small waist in her social media snaps, but her most recent airport upload has sparked a number of questions

Battles: A number of Chloe’s fans referenced Jesy Nelson’s recently-aired BBC documentary, in which the Little Mix star spoken openly about her battles with depression and bullying

Another fan went deeper still, suggesting that the criticisms may well have served as a catalyst for Chloe to surgically enhance her looks at an estimated cost of £50,000. 

They wrote: ‘Don’t people realise that commenting on her appearance is what has made her get the plastic surgery in the first place?

‘Just stop being so horrible! No matter what she has had done and if she photoshops her photos it has nothing to with any of you.. keep your opinions to yourself! Just be nice!’ [sic]

It would appear that Chloe’s recent airport picture was taken after she was photographed reuniting with her ex-boyfriend Sam Gowland, 24, on Thursday, as they jetted to Dubai together three weeks after their split. 

Racy: Chloe has won over a legion of fans with her steady stream of racy snaps on Instagram

In exclusive pictures published by MailOnline, the pair attempted to board the flight from Newcastle Airport unnoticed, although since then Chloe has sparked confusion as posts to her Instagram Stories appear to come from her home in Newcastle. 

Chloe and Sam’s ‘reunion’ comes after their relationship came to a dramatic end last month, when the star took to Instagram to accuse him of having sex with Amber Davies, which both deny.

The star shared alleged messages between her ex Sam and Amber which she claims proves they had sex, despite the pair’s denials.

The message allegedly from Sam and sent in July read: ‘U gunna stop ignoring us on insta. U don’t want what happened before to change out daft arse! I’m good mates with ya (sic).’ 

Costly: Chloe is estimated to have had as much as £50,000 worth of cosmetic enhancements

Amber responded: ‘Course we are still mates!!’ 

He then wrote back: ‘Good! Just don’t want it been weird or differnt or out Amba there’s no need for it to. If I see ‘seen’ one more time on ya insta story after I messaged ya am gunna kill ya.’ (sic)

Amber then took to Instagram to deny sleeping with Sam, and gave an explanation for the messages shared.

She wrote: ‘A couple of weeks ago Sam replied to one of my Instagram stories and I ignored him after the whole drama. He then went on to message me saying that he hoped the whole situation hadn’t ruined our friendship because it was quite frankly ridiculous.’ 

The ex factor: Chloe was recently photographed flying to Dubai with her ex-boyfriend Sam Gowland. Pictured together in November 2018

She then posted another statement in which she wrote: ‘It was in fact someone from Chloe’s side trying to sell this story in the first place. The last story of mine is facts. 

‘For Chloe to take to her 3m+ followers.. assume manipulate and take everything out of context even after her and I exchanging messages and me reassuring her that nothing had happened is shocking.’

Amber’s words come after Chloe took to her Instagram Stories to share a slew of videos where she accused Sam of cheating on her.

The star claimed she found messages on her laptop between Sam and another woman, and went onto say she first heard that Sam and Amber had slept together a day after they split up. 

War: She recently got into a war of words with Love Island’s Amber Davies. Pictured last month

Amber then took to social media to fiercely deny the claims, insisting she and Sam are nothing more than friends. 

Since then Chloe also sparked speculation that she was dating Love Island hunk Jack Fincham, 28, as the pair could be seen getting cosy in a series of snaps and videos.

in a series of snaps and videos, Chloe was seen with Jack’s arm wrapped his arm around her neck as she laid next to him a neon striped bikini.

The confident hunk could be heard in the footage asking: ‘That a*s. Is it your a*s?’

Chloe replied: ‘Excuse me!’ and Jack then said to the camera: ‘Yo, bro!’ 

Romance? Chloe’s snaps come weeks after she was spotted putting on a cosy display with Love Island’s Jack Fincham, 28, in Ibiza

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