Gabby Petito Documentary Slammed As Twisted 'Money Grab' By Viewers: 'That's On Her Parents Too'

The Twitter true crime community is very protective of Gabby Petito –and they’re making their voices heard about the latest documentary about her case.

On Friday, Peacock released its new doc on the late travel vlogger, The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies, and Social Media. The doc was supposed to “shed new light on the tragic story, the unanswered questions and the shocking conclusion” of the case, which more or less ended when Brian Laundrie’s body was found in Florida.

Gabby’s family participated in the special, in which she was remembered as a “magical” presence by her mother Nicole Schmidt, who said “people would meet her and just fall in love with her.” This proved true even after her tragic murder, as many on social media were drawn to her story and became passionate about finding answers and justice for the 22-year-old’s death.

Following the airing of the new doc, plenty of viewers on Twitter weighed in on how powerful they found it:

“Watching the #GabbyPetito documentary on Peacock. Gabby’s mom texted Brian’s mom & asked if she’d heard from the kids & Brian’s mom did not text back. This was before Brian came home to FL. The Laundries knew. They knew from the start.

“Watching this Gabby Petito doc on Peacock. This some sick stuff.”

“Omg I watched this #GabbyPetito doc on Peacock last night. I kept throwing things at the TV every time that low life Brian was speaking on footage they showed. It was hard, for real. So senseless. She was failed by so many people who should’ve known better.”

“Watching this Gabby Petito doc and BRUH… that whole s**t was sketchy AF”

“It’s been a few months since gabby petito got murdered. The documentary touched me in so many levels that I think it’ll continue to make me feel emotional. She never got any help from anyone and that’s what made me cry about gabby. #gabbypetito”

However, some audience members felt that the program didn’t actually “shed new light” on anything:

“the gabby petito documentary was good but i still have so many questions.”

“The Gabby Petito Documentary was a repeat of EVERYTHING we already know! Nothing new and pretty repetitive,I was hoping we would get something out of the dirty laundries and of course they declined to speak which doesn’t surprise me.”

Others noted how quickly the documentary was produced, slamming Peacock for capitalizing on the tragedy. Reactions included:

“Peacock coming out with a Gabby Petito doc three months after she got killed like wut. That’s on her parents too. Money grab centered around their child’s murder. Twisted world we live in.”

“There’s already a documentary on Gabby Petito? Did not take long for the vultures to jump on that tragedy, holy s**t.”

“How are there documentary specials on Gabby Petito already? The grief of such horrific loss needs to time to process. What the hell?!”

Meanwhile, another user wrote:

“there’s a documentary on the Gabby Petito case out on Peacock, and I recommend that if you watch it, you also watch Murdered and Missing In Montana. there are so many native women and girls who are victims of violence and never see justice or even an investigation. so upsetting.”

What do U think, Perezcious readers – did you watch the new documentary? Do you appreciate the new content, or do you feel like it exploits Gabby’s death? Let us know your thoughts in the commens (below).

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