Funniest Moment of Aaron Rodgers’ ‘Jeopardy’ Debut Happened in Final Jeopardy – Watch Now!

Aaron Rodgers officially made his Jeopardy debut on Monday (April 5) and there was a very funny moment during Final Jeopardy!

The 37-year-old Green Bay Packers quarterback, who is a previous Celebrity Jeopardy champion, will be a guest host on the quiz show for two weeks.

During Final Jeopardy, one of the contestants didn’t know the correct response and used his guess to ask Aaron a question.

“Who wanted to kick that field goal?” two-day champ Scott Shewfelt wrote as his response to the clue. The response got a laugh out of Aaron and probably all NFL fans out there. For those that aren’t aware, the Packers lost the NFC Championship Game and one thing that was questioned during the game was why the team opted for a field goal attempt instead of a touchdown attempt.

Read about how Aaron prepared for his gig as guest host!

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