Frances McDormand, First ‘Vogue’ Star of 2021, Opens Up About Being on the Cover at 63

Frances McDormand is Vogue‘s first cover star of 2021!

Here’s what the 63-year-old Nomadland actress had to say…

On playing Fern in Nomadland: “With Fern, it’s kind of like Shane, or John Wayne’s character in The Searchers. These men that don’t seem to have a past, only a present, and no future. They just arrive fully formed and they disappear. Except with Fern, because she’s female, she’s got a lot of stuff with her. She’s got a whole van full of memories. Women don’t necessarily come out of nowhere.”

On director Chloe Zhao and the similarities between her and her character:: “She [Zhao] incorporated a lot of my truth into Fern’s truth.”

On what it means to be on the cover of a fashion magazine at 63: “To still be culturally relevant as a 63-year-old female is so deeply, deeply gratifying. It’s something that I could have never expected, given what I was told. And I believe I had something to do with it. I’ve crafted some part of this moment in time. And I’m really f–king proud.”

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