Fans Think Sophie Turner's Lawsuit Was Taylor Swift's Idea For Revenge On Joe Jonas!

If there is one thing fans know about Taylor Swift, it’s that there is nothing she does better than revenge. And that is why they believe she had something to do with the lawsuit Sophie Turner filed against her estranged husband Joe Jonas this week! Yeah, we’re serious here!

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the latest divorce drama, the 27-year-old actress filed a lawsuit against the 34-year-old singer on Thursday for allegedly abducting their two young children. She claimed she went to pick up their daughters earlier this week so the three of them could return to their home in England as the former couple agreed to before. However, Joe allegedly refused to let them leave by not handing over their passports.

The Jonas Brothers member fired back at the allegations, saying the “children were not abducted.” He explained that if he followed through with Sophie’s demand, he would have been violating a Florida court order, which “restricts both parents from relocating the children”:

“Less than 24 hours later, Sophie advised that she wanted to take the children permanently to the UK. Thereafter, she demanded via this filing that Joe hand over the children’s passports so that she could take them out of the country immediately. If he complies, Joe will be in violation of the Florida Court order.”

It is a very messy situation, and no one expected their divorce to take this turn! But was this Sophie’s idea all along? Or was there another mastermind behind it? The latter is what some people seem to think! Because Sophie recently has been seen hanging out in New York City not once but twice with Joe’s other ex Taylor!

As we previously reported, the two women were pictured walking arm-in-arm into the Italian restaurant Via Carota on Tuesday two days before Sophie filed the lawsuit. They were even seen in deep conversation at one point in the night. And then, they were seen out together again at Hotel Barriére Fouquet for dinner on Thursday — just hours after news of the suit dropped.

Obviously, Taylor could have been hoping to cheer up Sophie amid her brutal divorce. But given the timing of these sightings many fans have been questioning if there was ulterior motive behind their hangouts — like plotting revenge against Joe! In fact, some people think Taylor was behind the idea of the lawsuit! Amid the drama, fans have taken to social media to drop their theories about Taylor and Sophie, saying:

“Everybody say ‘Thank you Taylor’ for giving Sophie some advice on winning lawsuits.”

“Taylor has the best legal team so Sophie got solid advice I’m sure. Using kids as pawns is never okay.”

“sophie turner had one dinner with taylor swift and is ready to blow up joe jonas’s life and i love that soooooo much for her”

“I just knew when Sophie’s lawsuit broke that Taylor Swift had something to do with it. Well played, Taylor. Well played.”

OMG?! When a picture of Taylor listening to Sophie circulated online, people also wrote:

“Taylor listening to Sophie’s tea about Joe while simultaneously strategizing an entire legal strategy for Sophie in her head.”

“I just know this is the moment Sophie told her the plan.”

“Yep. LMAO. she went to dinner with the litigious lieutenant. it’s done for joe.”

‘taylor swift giving sophie turner her legal team’s info because she is a girl’s girl first and foremost.”

Now, we can totally see Taylor giving her some legal advice or tips on how to deal with a breakup with a long-time partner, as any friend would. There is also no denying the fact that she is all about karma! But the theory that the 33-year-old singer is the one responsible for the lawsuit idea? That seems to be a huge stretch! But Swifties aren’t backing down!

Not only do Swifties believe she was the mastermind behind the suit, but they also think she predicted how Joe and Sophie’s divorce would go! The songstress has a track called Vigilante Shit, which features the lyrics:

“She needed cold hard proof so I gave her some / She had the envelope, where you think she got it from? / Now she gets the house, gets the kids, gets the pride / Picture me thick as thieves with your ex-wife.”

Many fans believed the song was about her drama with Scooter Braun and the end of his marriage with Yael Cohen. In light of recent events in the Joe and Sophia debacle, though, they now think Taylor was foresaw the future! No joke. One person tweeted:

“She got the lawyers, where you think she got them from?”

In the comments section of a video on TikTok with the lyrics to the track over a video of the pair walking into Via Carota together, one called her “a fortune teller” while someone else said:

“She legit predicted the future.”

A third expressed:

“So is this the first time she writes a song before it happens – she knew y’all would connect the song.”

This is Taylor’s favorite move and I’m obsessed with it. ???????? Oh to be at the dinner table with Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift, you know they’ve got some stories. #sophieturnerdivorce #swifttok #thickasthieves #sophieturner #taylorswift

♬ original sound – Am ????


It seems very unlikely Taylor gave Sophie the idea for the lawsuit or that she has psychic abilities. Tay is definitely super talented, but not to the point where she is clairvoyant! As we said, if anything, she gave the actress some good advice during this difficult chapter in her life.

But what do you think, Perezcious readers? Do you believe Taylor had a hand in this shocking new lawsuit? Sound OFF in the comments below…

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