Ezra Miller Surfaces for 'Flash' Premiere, Remains Mostly Stoic

Ezra Miller showed face in public for the first time in a long time during “The Flash” premiere — and just as promised … they didn’t answer any questions, and simply kept it moving.

The embattled actor — who’s been at the center of several arrests and scandals over the past year and change — walked the red carpet Monday in Los Angeles … where their new DC superhero film debuted in a highly-anticipated screening at the Ovation in Hollywood.

It’d been reported EM would show up in the flesh and pose for pics … but they weren’t fielding anything q’s from reporters and other media members on hand … probably for good reason. Word is, WBD wants Ezra to lay low and just let this movie come out — all in hopes that the hype and solid word-of-mouth will wash over their lingering drama.

In that spirit, Ezra stuck to the script while heading inside … maintaining a fairly neutral expression and barely cracking a smile or throwing a wave. They did stop for cameras and pose with fellow costars and crew — including director Andy Muschietti — but that’s about it.

There hasn’t been too much publicity and press ahead of “The Flash” — and if there was, other actors handled it — and that was on purpose. You’ll recall … Ezra has been accused of quite a lot.

In addition to their burglary case in Vermont — for which they copped a plea deal to a lesser charge of trespassing — Ezra has allegedly wreaked havoc elsewhere … including in the great state of Hawaii, where several people claimed they’d either harassed or attacked individuals.

One of those incidents resulted in an arrest … not to mention wild bodycam footage.

Of course, there’s also the alleged choking incident — where Ezra appears to have gotten their hands around the neck of an unsuspecting woman in Iceland, and taking her down.

There’s been more allegations about Ezra — everything from alleged child grooming/kidnapping to hoarding weapons/drugs and more — but it appears they’re ready to turn the page and get a move on with this film … which is supposedly quite great.

As we’ve reported … Ezra has apologized for their erratic behavior and vowed to seek professional mental health help in getting back on track.

Considering the director of ‘The Flash’ has already said he’d recast Ezra in this role for any potential sequel in a heartbeat — plus, the reported fact a sequel is, in fact, already written — it seems Ezra’s already on the road to redemption and then some. Almost a 180, really.

‘The Flash’ hits theaters and opens wide everywhere Friday.

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