Evanna Lynch thought she'd be ‘set for life’ after starring in Harry Potter

Evanna Lynch has opened up about her ‘overblown’ expectations for her career in acting following her role in Harry Potter. 

She admitted she thought she would be ‘set for life’ after her role as Luna Lovegood but found getting work as an actor was difficult despite having starred in the global blockbuster. 

Evanna said on the Talking Tastebuds podcast: ‘I think I over blew it, I think of thought, great this is me set for life, this is my career. 

‘I didn’t think it would be as hard to be an actor as it actually is.

“And I noticed a lot of fans have that same reaction to me. Sometimes I’ll meet them at conventions and at plays, and I’ll meet them after that and they’ll be like, “why are not you doing blockbuster movies” and I’m like, “yeah, why am I not? I don’t know, I just didn’t feel like it, that’s all”. 

‘They have no concept of how cut throat the industry is.’

She admitted it was weird going from a superfan of the series to starring in it, explaining: ‘I wasn’t prepared for fame at the same time. 

‘I was ready for the story telling part, but it was so weird to go from being a fan that used to stalk Daniel Radcliffe to being someone people send fan mail to.’

Evanna bagged the role of Luna at the age of 14 and starred in the last four films in the franchise. 

She admitted being such a huge fan of the books and films made it hard for her to cross the divide into becoming a star of the film franchise.

Evanna explained: ‘I was a really obsessive Harry Potter fan. I started reading them when I was about eight, and that was just my whole identity for a while. 

‘It’s quite embarrassing. I did everything, I queued up for the books, I wrote fan mail to Daniel Radcliffe and got his autograph and I wrote fan mail to JK Rowling and we became friends.

‘I completely manifested it. All my energy was focused on this. But the thing I found is the whole fan culture is not healthy, being obsessed with someone.

‘When I met Daniel, Rupert and Emma, I knew everything about them, their pets’ names, birthdays, I knew their parents’ names. I had to pretend I didn’t.

‘It also meant I had nothing to say to them, I just adored them.

‘I was suddenly confronted with ‘who am I’ and when they asked me what I was interested in, I realised I didn’t even know myself, I didn’t know what to say.’

‘Being an obsessive fan is disempowering, it happens when you’re a teen, you see these other people and they seem great and amazing and godly.

‘And now I get people messaging me saying “I think you’re my best friend and you just don’t know it yet” and I don’t respond to those people as I don’t think it’s healthy.’

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