Emmerdale stars’ transformations from Kelvin Fletcher to Isabel Hodgins

Emmerdale has come with many transformations after lasting years onscreen — particularly when it comes its stars it has been noticed over time.

From hairstyle changes, to weight loss, to bodybuilding, the Yorkshire village-set drama has seen it all happen among the actors, adding just as much intrigue and excitement to the show as the plot and characters themselves.

Take a look at the most striking transformations to occur in the cast in recent years as OK! breaks down the most notable changes in appearance to have happened on the soap so far…

Kelvin Fletcher's hunky physique

Kelvin Fletcher has no doubt made the most recognisable transformation since his time playing heartthrob Andy Sugden on Emmerdale. Audiences watched the 38 year old grow from a skinny teenage boy into a hunk of a man over his 20 year-run on the soap, as Kelvin dedicated putting his extra time outside of acting into some serious early-morning weight training.

The muscly soap star continued to surprise viewers with his physique when he showed off his fluid dance moves on Strictly in 2019 and fit his training around the show, getting up at 5am as he revealed to GQ magazine: "I’ll get up at 5-5.30 in the morning. I was conscious not to do anything too draining at the gym, it was pretty much maintenance work."

After winning the show, Kelvin didn't waste time getting back to his aggressive regime at the gym and showed off his latest workout results last year with a photo of himself looking his bulkiest yet to fans’ shock.

Jenna Coleman's classy style overhaul

Jenna Coleman has made quite the transformation, not only in her acting career since leaving Emmerdale but in her appearance. The star looks worlds away from her heavily fake-tanned self when she played character Jasmine Thomas years ago on the show and has swapped the overplucked eyebrows and high street dresses for a classier style altogether.

The 35 year old left the soap in 2009 and has since starred in ITV drama Victoria as well as several other shows, taking on a new stylist when she exited and transforming her ensembles for designer pieces as she entered new famous circles.

Jenna can now be seen at industry events and awards shows sporting her natural glowy skin, often with flattering shoulder-length hair and elegant dresses — well and truly turning her back on her past soap star style.

Isabel Hodgins’ pixie cut

Isabel Hodgins surprised Emmerdale viewers in 2019 when she had her long locks cut off in favour of a cropped pixie style. The 28 year old actress was associated with her bountiful, wavy barnet during her time on the soap up until her dramatic snip, leaving fans initially startled at the hairstyle change.

After speculation that the TV star went for the chop following her break up with actor Michael Par, who also starred on Emmerdale before leaving in 2016, Isabel cleared up the real reason for the cut as she appeared on Loose Women.

"It’s just thick and curly and unruly and I was just like: I’ve had it for 25 years and I’m over it," she said at the time as she explained that Emmerdale bosses were extremely lenient to her sudden change in appearance.

"They said they could tie it into the story and it just went from there. My life is so much easier!" Isabel added.

James Hooton's six pack

Long time Emmerdale fans were certainly left gobsmacked when actor on the soap, James Hooton, revealed his six-pack back on social media in 2018.

The 48 year old, who has played character Sam Dingle for over 20 years on the show, posted a photo of himself baring his impressive hairy physique to followers, clearly happy with his workout session as he tweeted: "Session Complete! #everythingaches.”

It didn’t take long for James’ co-stars to chime in with comments as they praised the TV star over his “shredded” stomach. When fellow Emmerdale actor Danny Miller joked if James had used an app, he replied: "Mate, is an overly flattering pic tbf. And it was after a mega sesh at the climbing wall. Good lighting, good angle. Not complaining."

Lisa Riley's weight loss

Lisa Riley has slimmed down considerably over the past few years after steadily losing 12 stone. The 45 year old arrived on Emmerdale playing character Mandy Dingle back in 1995 at her heaviest weight and didn’t make a permanent change to her eating habits and fitness regime until she appeared on Strictly nearly 20 years later.

The soap star has said that her weight loss is down to committing to Zumba classes, yoga and staying sober for nine years — denying longtime rumours that she had gastric band surgery.

"I’m not on a diet – diets don't work. It's been about awareness and lifestyle. I'm loads more active than I used to be,” Lisa told Bella magazine.

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