Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Denied Restraining Order Despite Fear for Safety Due to His New Song

Nicole Young requested an emergency domestic violence restraining order against her estranged husband after he released ‘Detox’, in which he disses her as a ‘greedy b***h.’

AceShowbizDr. Dre‘s estranged wife has failed in her attempt to ban the hip-hop mogul from coming physically close to her. Nicole Young has been denied restraining order despite claiming that she fears for her safety due to his song “Detox”.

Per TMZ, Nicole filed documents to request an emergency domestic violence restraining order against her estranged husband after he released the new track in February, in which he dissed her as a “greedy b***h” as well as a “perjurer.” While admitting it’s nothing new, she claimed with the new track “he has upped the ante and is now outright threatening me to keep my mouth shut or else.”

In the documents obtained by The Blast, Nicole was asking for the court to order Dre to stay 100 yards away from their Malibu home where she’s currently staying. She also wanted Dre to be required to avoid any form of contact with her, which included email, texts and in-person visits.

Nicole additionally claimed that she has received death threats from his fans, which may have been escalated by his new song. However, the judge denied the request because of “insufficient evidence.”

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In response to Nicole’s allegations, Dre’s lawyer said he’s only seen or spoken to his estranged wife one time since she filed for divorce in June 2020, which was when she visited him at the hospital in January, following his brain aneurysm.

Insisting he’s had no contact with Nicole otherwise, Dre categorically denied all of her abuse claims. He added that since she made her allegations in August 2020, he “realized he had no idea who the woman he was married to was and he wanted nothing to do with her.”

Dre and Nicole have been embroiled in contentious legal battle after she filed for divorce from the record executive in June 2020 after over 20 years of marriage. Nicole, who accused him of cheating and domestic abuse for years, demanded $2 million a month in spousal support. Dre initially refused to pay such amount. However, he eventually agreed after he was hospitalized with a brain aneurysm.

Most recently, Nicole objected to Dre’s request to keep a five-day trial to determine the validity of their prenuptial agreement private.

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