Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Autographed Baseball Up For Sale

Donald Trump and his buddy, Vladimir Putin, are leaving their mark on America’s pastime, literally … because the world leaders autographed a baseball and it’s going up for sale!!!

Here’s the deal … a high-ranking Russian government official got Putin to put his John Hancock on a baseball in Russia at the start of the year, and then a member of the GOP got Trump to sign the same ball during a meet-and-greet before his March 2 campaign rally in North Carolina.

The baseball and it’s unmistakable signatures are going up for sale through the memorabilia company, Moments in Time — and they’re hawking this slice of the Trump-Putin bromance for a cool $54,000.

It’s unclear if Trump knew Putin’s autograph was on the other side of the baseball when he put pen to cowhide … but as we’ve reported, it’s kinda easy to get Trump to sign things — like his own articles of impeachment.

And, the price of Trump signed baseballs continue to skyrocket … remember, they used to be worth only $200 tops before he was sworn into office. Add Putin to the mix, and you get a pretty big price tag.

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