Did Taylor Swift Reveal the Name of Blake Lively’s Third Child on ‘Folklore’? Some Fans Think So!

Taylor Swift‘s new song “Betty” features three names and there’s a theory that they are named after Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds‘ kids!

The song is about someone singing about mistreating a girl named Betty and two other names mentioned in the track are Inez and James.

Blake and Ryan have a five-year-old daughter named James and a three-year-old daughter named Inez. They also have a third child born last year, but we still don’t know the baby’s name. Could it be Betty?! (See photos of the two older kids at the only public appearance they’ve ever made)

James is actually the baby’s voice featured in the song “Gorgeous” on Taylor‘s album reputation.

There are also a lot of theories swirling around about who Taylor is actually singing about in the song “Betty.”

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