Davina McCall fractures foot after falling on dog walk saying it ‘hurts so much’

Davina McCall has shared a photo of her extremely swollen foot after she fell over on a dog walk.

The former Big Brother host took to Instagram to share the photo of her suspected fractured foot, penning: “Not broken, physio, ice, crutches.”

In the snap, the star’s foot could be seen looking red and incredibly swollen at the ankle.

The 54 year old told fans about her injury in a video that she uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday. She could be seen laying down in bed, as she described tripping over on her dog walk.

At the time, doctors thought she’d suffered a fracture or even chipped her bone, but thankfully it was not broken.

“Hey, I thought I better give a bit of an explanation about my foot,” Davina began, “I was out walking the dog yesterday, and I thought I’d run down the steps. I think I must have tripped on a root or something, and oh my god it hurts so much.

“I sort of twisted my foot. Anyway, I can’t flex it upwards, but I can do a bit of weight bearing. I think they think it might be a fracture or a chip off a tiny bone in my foot and some tendons and stuff.

“So, it’s gonna need some physio, no cast needed, and elevation and a bit of cold. You know, just take it a bit easy.”

Before, she joked: “No disco dancing for a couple of weeks.”

Fans and friends flooded to the comments to send well wishes and try to lift the TV presenter’s spirits.

Friend and DJ Sara Cox even joked: "Oh noooo babe sending gentle kisses in a non-fetish way to your foot."

Davina’s injury has occurred just days after she had planned her latesthealth kick following her 54th birthday .

She told fans she was cutting out refined sugar again to combat her sugar addiction as she said: "I have made myself a commitment. From 1 November I'm going to cut out refined sugar, fruit and honey for the first couple of weeks to try and get myself off sugar again.

“I've massively fallen off the sugar-free wagon and it's ugly."

She added: "I don't want to do it anymore, it makes me feel rubbish and it makes me feel super bloated."

Davina said for her the only way to stop eating sugary foods, was to cut them out for the first few weeks.

Some of the star’s followers on Instagram aired their concerns about the change: "Isn't it best to just stop denying yourself?

"Isn't that toxic and hence the having of 5 gold bars? I think stopping yourself completely or psychologically banning yourself is what sends ppl over the edge."

While another agreed: "Cutting out fruit because it’s full of sugar?! Misinformation here and getting the less informed to believe that they need to cut fruit out their diet!"

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