Dave Myers returns to This Morning for first time since cancer battle

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers gives a health update as he returns to This Morning for the first time amid his cancer battle

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers returned to This Morning on Wednesday for the first time since revealing his cancer diagnosis in May 2022.

The biker-turned-chef, 65, was looking like his old self again on the ITV show with the return of his iconic beard. 

Appearing alongside his TV partner Simon King, the pair whipped up some lamb koftas with a wholemeal couscous salad and lemon and tahini dressing while he provided a health update.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were ecstatic to see their friend again, exclaiming he was ‘looking really well’. 

Dave gave an update on his health as he returned to TV screens, saying: ”I’m doing very well and it’s so nice to be back. 

He’s back! Dave Myers, 65, returned to This Morning for the first time amid his cancer battle as he reunited with Si King on Wednesday’s show

Good news: The Hairy Bikers chef looked more like himself again with the return of his iconic beard as he cooked alongside Si 

‘Feeling well’: Dave provided his fans with a health update while appearing on the show 

‘Yeah it’s work in progress but I’ve got my hair back and I’m feeling great. It’s the healthy eating you see that does it! No, I’m doing really well.’

Meanwhile Si joked: ‘He’s just as irritating so it’s great!’ and gave his best mate a kiss on the cheek.  

Phillip and Holly thoroughly enjoyed their meal, with Phil especially full of praise, declaring it was the ‘only time’ he’s ever enjoyed couscous.  

On social media fans of the cooking duo rushed to exclaim their well-wishes for the cook. 

One Twitter user said: ‘Nice to see Dave Myers looking well after his cancer battle #ThisMorning.’

Another said: ‘@HairyBikers Brilliant to see Dave on This Morning. He looks great!’

A third added: ‘so pleased to see the Hairy Bikers together on the show today.’

It comes after the BBC star revealed he is back working with his TV partner Simon as they prepare to hit the road to promote their new cook book.

David took to Instagram to make the happy announcement last week as he held up the latest book.

Tasty: The healthy duo made lamb koftas, which they said contain all of your five-a-day

Reunited and it feels so good: The pair looked delighted to be back together again 

The beard is back: Dave was sporting his beard once again after losing his facial hair amid his ongoing cancer battle 

Update: In July Dave revealed he’d lost his famous beard as a result of undergoing chemotherapy for his cancer, while speaking on his on his Agony Uncles podcast

Amazing: The BBC star is back working with his TV co-star Simon King as they prepare to hit the road to promote their new cook book

He said: ‘This is a moment that doesn’t get stale. Si and I are so lucky, when our new book arrives we get to open the box, the first glimpse is fantastic! I’m so proud of it’.

Simon added: ‘This is a special book this, hope you enjoy it!’

‘Send us your pics with your copies, we’re so excited for you lot to have them as well!’

Dave offered insight into his gruelling treatment that has led him to lose ‘so much weight’ after having zero appetite.

Speaking on Tommy Banks’ Seasoned podcast, Dave explained that he is still having chemotherapy for cancer after being diagnosed last year, and the side effects meant he could barely eat more than a can of soup.

He said: ”It’s funny, when you first start chemotherapy… it’s quite hard. I’m still having it. It really was brutal.

‘I lost so much weight and then it’s a battle to get your calories in.

‘At first I thought, ‘Right, this is great, I can eat all those pies I haven’t been eating for years’, except [my] appetite was dreadful!

‘For me, a glutton, losing my appetite was awful. A can of soup was about as far as I could go.

‘Now I’ve got to the point where I’m at the weight I want to be, and I want to maintain it.’

Dave first went public with his cancer diagnosis in May 2022, with chemotherapy causing him to lose all of his hair, including his signature beard.

However, fans were delighted when the chef shared an Instagram snap from a recent night out, where his sported his facial hair once again.

He previously said that his chemotherapy even affected his ability to walk, telling Kaye Adams on her How To Be 60 podcast: ‘I’m still having chemotherapy, but what I’m finding out now is you have to live with the cancer. It’s like a diabetic who needs insulin and constant care. That’s the state I’m in now.

‘By God, the chemotherapy doesn’t half age you quickly. Because your balance goes, so for someone with a motorbike that’s a disaster and my walking has been affected quite a lot, really.

‘But I’m going to go back to film this May, and we’re going to film around the chemo. That’s just the way it is really.

‘One doesn’t have an option at the minute. All I can say is it’s not spreading and I’m holding my own OK. So I’m very grateful for that.

Slimmed down: In a recent interview, the BBC star (left in 2021 and right recently) has detailed how his gruelling treatment has led him to lose ‘so much weight’ after having zero appetite

Back to normal: The star is having physio in a desperate attempt to get back on his bike, after admitting his chemotherapy affected his ability to walk

‘Sometimes I feel fine and other times I just need to go to bed. Then I kind of sleep it off, a bit like a bad hangover.’

The television presenter went on to explain how his treatment affected him so badly physically that he had to relearn how to walk.

‘I really have no symptoms of the cancer, it’s the chemotherapy, he said. ‘It’s neuropathy in your feet, so it’s hard to stand. So I’ve had to learn to walk again properly’

‘It’s a funny thing chemotherapy, it’s one of life’s great levellers. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the telly or on the dole, if you get that then you’re in the s**t. And sometimes the chemo does make you depressed.

‘It’s a type of chemical depression, and that’s really hard, because everyone is telling you to be positive, but when the chemistry in your body is not telling you that story, that’s harsh.

‘Hopefully there will be more positive chapters beyond this.’

And as part of looking to the future in a positive way has involved Dave buying a new motorbike to ride when he’s in a fit state.

He continued: ‘I’ve bought a new motorbike. In physio, they sit me on a Pilates ball and rock me from side to side, pretending I’m on the motorbike.

‘I have a rubber band under one foot and a rubber band under the other and I’m changing and braking and making motorbike noises.

‘They [the physios] are determined to get me back on the bike.’

He added: ‘There are so many more adventures I want to have. I don’t have to retire as long as people watch the programmes and buy the books I can crack on until I’m 110, as long as I can keep breathing.’

Dave has suffered with illness in the past after being diagnosed with a cyst on his brain in 1998, and later glaucoma, which is an eye condition that can lead to blindness.

The same year he was diagnosed with having a cyst on his brain, Dave sadly lost his fiancée to cancer, previously describing 1998 as the worst year of his life.

This Morning airs on weekdays from 10am on ITV1 and ITVX. 

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