Dan Osborne makes statement about state of his marriage to Jacqueline

‘Waking up with my wife feels good’: Dan Osborne makes statement about the state of his marriage to Jacqueline Jossa amid cheating claims… (as her mum leaves him out of all her photos)

She has reassured fans that she is OK after winning I’m A Celebrity and discovering reports which claim her husband Dan Osborne had a threesome behind her back.

And just to make the point clear that all is well, Dan, 28, took to Instagram on Monday to say just how happy he was to be reunited with his 27-year-old wife. 

He wrote: ‘What a moment & what a day, waking up with my wife this morning feels goooood!! 

‘Waking up with my wife feels good’: Dan Osborne made a statement about the state of his marriage to Jacqueline Jossa amid cheating claims on Instagram on Monday  

Something to say: He took the time to make it quite clear that things are OK despite reports that he had a threesome behind her back in 2018 

‘The girls are so happy mummy’s back, can’t wait for us to get back and see Teddy now!❤️’

His picture showed him cuddling up to Jacqueline with his arms around her and their children Ella, four and Mia, 17 months.  

The latest post comes after Jacqueline became the first person to decline to do TV and newspaper interviews after winning the show to ‘spend more time with her family.’

Veiled statement? Jacqueline’s mother Selina shared a series of pictures of her time in Australia but chose to leave Dan out of them

Friends in high places: She also shared a picture of her daughter reuniting with Caitlyn Jenner – but still no Dan

Reuniting with her babies: Selina shared this lovely snap and Dan wasn’t even in the background

Jacqueline has reportedly forgiven husband Dan amid the threesome claims that emerged during her time in the jungle, but has warned: ‘one strike or it’s over.’

The couple put on a united front on a beach in Australia on Sunday following her I’m A Celebrity win, with the EastEnders actress reportedly giving her other half one more chance.  

Meanwhile, her proud mother shared a series of pictures of her daughter after reuniting with her after the show. 

Proud mama: Selina couldn’t resist sharing a moment of her daughter sitting on her jungle throne 

Taking it all in: Selina also shared a moment with her daughter’s wooden trident 

Family photo: Dan was nowhere to be seen when Dan’s father jumped in for a snap 

But her mother, Selina hadn’t shared any which included Dan, despite them all being away together. 

She captioned the images with the words: ‘ur girl is out congratulations @jacjossa @katrinajossafarrelly @jacjossa_academy @imacelebrity.’

One fan noticed and wrote: ‘Lovely but must be so hard for her that you don’t include Dan in any of your pictures etc!?’

Dan has vehemently denied Chloe Ayling’s claims that she had a threesome with him in 2018 and fellow CBB star Natalie Nunn. 

He took to Instagram to say they have ‘no morals.’ 

Dan also liked a tweet which said Chloe is a ‘marriage ruining sl*g.’ 

Ouch! Dan was accused of taking part in a threesome with Natalie Nunn and Chloe Ayling on this night in question back in  2018

Nothing to see here: Dan could be seen cosying up to Natalie in shocking snaps, but he has vehemently denied all claims 

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