Dad Helps Daughter Practice Cheerleading at Home, Simone Biles Likes

Girl dads everywhere should take a cue from this proud papa — who’s helping his daughter stay sharp in cheerleading during quarantine … something Simone Biles digs a lot.

Check out this sweet video of a guy practicing a pretty advanced cheer routine within the confines of their home. The kid can’t be more than maybe 4 or 5 years old — if that — but she’s got some killer moves … which her dad was more than happy to coach her through.

Frankly, this feels like something you might see Navarro College athletes practicing in preparation for Daytona — and this teeny little girl sorta has it down to a tee already.

Her pops starts out by throwing her into the air, where she does a full body twirl and lands on his hands perfectly. She then balances on one leg while lifting the other one up near her head. The daughter then falls into her dad’s arms for a cradle and up they go again.

It’s incredible to watch — and the way the father-daughter duo interact is pretty precious too. Of course, it would seem this clip has caught an Olympian’s eye, ’cause Simone — who does similar stuff to this on her own mat — liked the video from her official page.

Just goes to show that life indoors can still be as productive as regular times. Take note, people!

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