Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins put on united front as he makes romantic dinner following NTA presenting gig

Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins enjoyed a cosy night in following their big night at the National Television Awards.

The Love Island pair have been relatively quiet since their joint presenting gig which saw them as the official NTA social media hosts, posting updates from the red carpet.

And after Maura was reportedly spotted leaving the awards do in tears, it seems a night in with a dish of pasta and cheese were on the cards from her boyfriend Curtis.

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Curtis shared a Boomerang clip of what he'd whipped up in the kitchen, along with a shot of his bare feet, and tagged he was with Maura.

There were to plates heaving with pasta and a tomato concoction topped off with a generous helping of melted cheese, which the reality star wrote on top: "Fooooood!!!"

Meanwhile Maura has been busy reposting feedback from her followers about her Kylie Jenner-inspired nearly naked dress she wore for the NTAs.

The Irish beauty wowed on the red carpet alongside Curtis, who she found love with in the villa last year, donning the purple feather dress.

The lilac and nude gown appeared to be inspired by makeup billionaire Kylie, 22, who sported a similar looking gown at the 2019 Met Gala.

After a glamorous turn down the red carpet the reality star shared that she'd suffered a gruesome injury to her knee after after taking a nasty fall.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the 29-year-old shared a photo of her blood-spattered leg, captioned: "Oh ffs".

Just minutes later though, she shared a boomerang of a member from her management team rushing to place a blue plaster to cover the injury.

Later in the evening Maura had appeared downcast as she made a dramatic exit from the event.

A source told OK! online: “Maura was clearly upset about something after she left.

“She was with a group of friends, maybe four of five people. A few had their arms around her as she rushed out of the venue in tears.

“Curtis wasn’t with her as she left, but she wasn’t happy at all.”

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Maura and Curtis made their debut on the NTA Instagram story as social media hosts, and both expressed their excitement in anticipation of the big evening in a video clip.

Speaking in the footage, Curtis said: "We're here on the red carpet now – well, not exactly now it's just behind this door."

Helping correct her nervous beau, Maura interrupted and added: "We're just going on now! We're so excited!"

To which Curtis added: "We're about to start, can't wait to see how everyone's feeling, you know, ready for the night!"

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