Composer Federico Jusid On Creating A Big Picture Sound For Emily Blunt Western Series ‘The English’ – Crew Call Podcast

On today’s Crew Call we talk with The English composer Federico Jusid, who came into Hollywood’s spotlight after the industry caught his score on the Oscar winning 2009 foreign film, The Secret in Their Eyes.

In the Prime Video series, Emily Blunt plays Cornelia Locke, a woman who arrives to America in 1890 to avenge her son’s death. While an Ennio Morricone sound is natural with any western’s score, Jusid went further to distinguish The English from the rest, incorporating 19th century piano and strings to represent Locke’s homeland.

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But if you’re relishing The English on a big screen TV, Jusid’s score sings through, giving it a theatrical quality. Talking about achieving that style, the composer tells Crew Call, “You allow yourself to use a wider orchestra, and of course, sometimes to take a slower tempo.” Jusid expounds on how he boarded the Hugo Blick created series, and worked with star and EP Blunt as well on the score.

Jusid grew up in the Argentinean film industry, the son of film director Juan José Jusid and actress Luisina Brando spending “many, many hours either waiting for my mom at the theater or at sets while she was finishing her work or spending time with my dad at the Moviola, which was the cutting room.”

“When I was probably 5 or 6, there was a piano in the house, and I would play all the time, so in a way film scoring, it seemed to me like a very natural thing between my connection with music and this everyday life between the sets and the theater and the Moviola,’ Jusid remembers.

Jusid was recently at the Cannes Film Festival with his score for the Victor Erice directed drama, Close Your Eyes. The pic follows the disappearance of a Spanish actor. While his body is never found by the police, several years later, the mystery returns to the present day.

You can listen to our conversation below:

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