COMIC RELIEF LIVE 2023: Red Nose Day TV, news, celebrity updates

COMIC RELIEF LIVE 2023: Fans hail the Traitors sketch ‘the best part of the night’ and host Paddy McGuinness makes a VERY cheeky dig

This is MailOnline’s live blog for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day 2023 on BBC One:

Host commentator

Viewers took to Twitter to express their delight after watching The Traitors sketch.

The segment included Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi, with Dawn French playing Traitors host Claudia Winkleman.

The Nation’s Nana, Dame Mary Berry on @comicrelief The Traitors, the icing on the cake, brilliant sketch #ComicRelief

Ewan Mcgregor showing up as Obi Wan Kenobi "hello there" loved it was great seeing him there hehe. #RedNoseDay #comicrelief

that traitors skit was hilarious #ComicRelief

Hahaha the Traitors sketch was amazing and I absolutely cackled at Dawn French as Claudia Winkleman with the curtain fringe 😭 #ComicRelief

Traitors is the best and that sketch was perfect #ComicRelief

The Traitors #ComicRelief sketch was pretty funny, obviously riffing off that great 'Smithy To The Rescue' sketch from 2011. Claudia's goalkeeper gloves were my favourite gag ❤

Host Paddy McGuinness took a swipe at the Wagatha Christie trial during Friday’s Comic Relief.

The television presenter was joined by actor Tennant as they fronted the fundraising event for the second part of the night.

Comedian Paddy made his swipe after a gripping sketch of reality show The Traitors which starred Jennifer Saunders, Stephen Merchant, Dame Mary Berry, Danny Dyer, Rosie Jones, Maddy and Wilf from series 1 of The Traitors, with Jennifer Saunders playing Traitors host Claudia Winkleman, while Claudia herself played a Traitor.

After the clip, Paddy said: ‘We’ve not seen this level of treachery since Rooney vs Vardy.’

Host AJ Odudu looked stunning in a red PVC dress as she appeared on the fundraising event on Friday night.

She boosted her height with a tall pair of open-toed heels and styled her hair into an extended ponytail which finished behind her knees.

While many people took to Twitter to say how stunning she looked, some were questioning whether she was comfortable on stage as her legs seemed to be crossed at the knees most of the time as she stood.

AJ must be bursting for a pee or her dress is too tight…. Can't seem to uncross her legs 🤣 #ComicRelief

I don't know how in the world AJ Odudu can host the entire show in that dress, but big up to her for doing so…😳 #ComicRelief #RedNoseDay

Aj's dress is so tight, her legs are permanently forced into being crossed over!

Looks stunning though…#comicrelief

Can someone check AJ Odudu doesn’t need a comfort break? She hasn’t uncrossed her legs the whole time she’s been on stage #ComicRelief

While many Eurovision viewers were delighted to see S Club 7 appear in the Eurovision sketch during tonight’s Comic Relief, some were left wondering why only six members of the band were there.

The pop group, who are set to take to the stage again this October for a reunion tour, made an appearance without Jon Lee.

And Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearritt, and Rachel Stevens appeared on television for the fundraising event on Friday but not sing.

A representative for S Club 7 told MailOnline of Jon’s absence: ‘He couldn’t make it to the shoot. It was short notice and he was out of London.’

S Club 7 without Jon? So S Club 6? #ComicRelief

S Club 7!! I can't!! 😭😍 #RedNoseDay #ComicRelief

S Club 6 though.. #ComicRelief

S club 7 😍😍😍 Tina appreciation tweet 😂😂😂#ComicRelief

Graham Norton, Lulu and Sam Ryder joined a mock Eurovision judging panel in aid of Comic Relief, which will saw the trio judge auditions from a variety of famous faces.

The sketch featured auditions, of varying quality, from the likes of actor Jamie Dornan and Spandau Ballet star Tony Hadley.

Graham, 59, who will be part of the Eurovision Song Contest presenting line-up when it comes to Liverpool in May, said before tonight’s fundraising event: ‘It’s a fantastic coming together, we all work in a very silly industry and it’s great that we can all come together and do something that really matters.’

Former UK Eurovision entrant Lulu, who won the contest in 1969, was asked what makes the perfect Eurovision song.

‘If I knew, don’t you think I’d be writing them every year!’ she replied.

The 74-year-old Scottish singer secured the win – jointly with three other countries – in Madrid with her hit Boom Bang-A-Bang.

Last year’s 33-year-old UK Eurovision entrant Ryder, who came second in the contest, revealed the memories he has of Comic Relief, saying: ‘I remember watching it with my parents growing up, and I feel like that’s such a privilege and a gift that I get to be involved with things I loved as a kid, I’m getting to experience first-hand now, so I’m really grateful.’

Comedian and actress Miranda Hart was among the celebrities who put themselves forward to ‘audition’ to be the UK’s Eurovision entrant during the sketch.

Pop group The Fizz – consisting of Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston – and U2 frontman Bono also saw if they have what it takes to be Eurovision-worthy.


It was announced last month Sir Tony was reprising his role as Baldrick, the servant of Rowan Atkinson’s character Edmund Blackadder.

Speaking to Gary Davies on BBC Radio 2, Comic Relief co-founder Richard Curtis, who also worked on Black Adder, said: ‘For the first time in 20 years, Baldrick is going to be giving some kind of performance. 

‘We’re just conspiring about it now, so I think there’s going to be a marvellous, turnip-based thing with Tony Robinson now back in action, so I’m excited about that.’

But Rowan will not be returning for the special.

Asked if the actor is going to be in the Comic Relief special, Richard added: ‘No [laughs]. Rowan’s far too serious to do any of that.’

Blackadder originally ran for four series and two specials from 1983 to 1989, and another special Blackadder: Back and Forth aired in 1999.

Each series of Blackadder covered a different period of history, including the Middle Ages, Elizabethan England, the Georgian Era and a run of episodes focused on the trenches during World War One.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their delight at seeing Sir Tony Tobinson return for the Baldrick sketch…

Excellent! Loved @Tony_Robinson’s Baldrick Bedtime story 😀 #RedNoseDay #ComicRelief

You have got to love Baldrick I miss Blackadder 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻#RedNoseDay #ComicRelief

That was joyous! Tony Robinson hasn’t lost it and still gives a brilliant performance as Baldrick. Plus those drawings were incredible, I want to have them all! #ComicRelief

The Baldrick bedtime story was ace. #ComicRelief

How I’ve missed Baldrick. Tony Robinson take a bow 👏👏👏 #ComicRelief

Sir Tony Robinson has spoken of his delight at reprising his role as Blackadder dogsbody character Baldrick for Comic Relief – but he insists it would be impossible to make another full series of the sitcom.

The programme, which ran from 1983 to 1989, and also starred Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson and has had several specials over the years, and on Friday 17 March this year it will see Sir Tony reading a bedtime story based on the hit historical comedy show.

The actor, 76, told the Radio Times how the project came to be after he attended a party for the publication where he and Blackadder co-writers Ben Elton and Richard Curtis collected commemorative covers for Blackadder Goes Forth, Friday Night Live and Comic Relief respectively.

Sir Tony told how the party was at London’s Claridge’s hotel and was packed with guests. 

After spotting Richard on the other side of the room he planned to talk to him after the formal part of the evening but was unable to find him later on.

The next day he received an email from Richard who apologised, saying his wife Emma Freud had texted him to say there was a chicken in the oven, prompting him to rush off.

However, Sir Tony revealed there was more to the message, something he described as ‘a lovely present’.

Sir Tony explained: ‘He said, “I’ve just written a story for Baldrick – how would you feel about performing this on Comic Relief?” 

‘I read it and texted him straight back – “Try and stop me.” 

‘What’s remarkable is the way Richard was able to pick up the voice and rhythms of Baldrick straight away, having not written him for practically 25 years.’

However, Sir Tony insists it wouldn’t be possible to bring back a full series of the sitcom because ‘people wouldn’t be in the same headspace they were when they saw the original’, with the star adding: ‘We couldn’t re-create it.’

Sir Lenny Henry is not hosting Comic Relief this year for the first time ever.

While he will make appearances in clips throughout the show, he will not be live due to other commitments.

He has still taken part in the organisation of the fundraising event.

Comic Relief viewers took to Twitter to express their joy at seeing Kylie Minogue in the Ghosts sketch…

Okay kylie minogue in ghosts what a slay #ComicRelief

I swear #Kylie looks no older than when she was in #TheDelinquents! Amazing. #ComicRelief

Never thought I'd see Kylie Minogue on an episode of Ghosts, what an absolute gem of a sketch though 😂 #ghosts #RedNoseDay #comicrelief

Kylie. What a legend! We are so lucky lucky lucky! #BBCGhosts #ComicRelief

That was a great little sketch with Kylie. Bloody love Ghosts. Long May it continue! #BBCGhosts #ComicRelief #RedNoseDay

Hit BBC sitcom Ghosts was the first sketch on this evening’s Comic Relief, back with a spook-tacular special.

They had a surprise guest – global pop superstar Kylie Minogue! 

When Kylie and her live agent, played by Tanya Moodie, arrived at Button House to see if it’s a suitable concert venue, the ghosts got the shock of their afterlives.

Elsewhere, The Traitors Red Nose Day sketch parody began with Dawn French taking on Claudia Winkleman‘s role as host, channelling the presenter’s trademark blunt fringe and eyeliner.  

As she began to interrogate the ‘contestants’ it emerged that Stephen Merchant, Danny Dyer, Mary Berry and Alison Hammond were the celebrity guests. 

The camera cut to Danny saying that he ‘recognised’ a fellow traitor ‘from Walford’, with season one fan favourite Maddy Smedley making a surprise cameo as she ripped off her hood and explained her history on the show.  

On Maddy’s season she came under suspicion when she confessed that she was an actress who had appeared in one episode of EastEnders – where she played a homeless woman named Rita – and in one episode of Casualty where she played a woman without a womb.

The Eurovision Song Contest brought a host of familiar faces together with a hilarious Red Nose Day sketch. 

Ahead of Friday night’s fundraising telethon, Gordon Ramsey recited Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star on the recorder while Jamie Dornan sang with ‘no voice’ as celebrities audition for the talent show. 

Judges Lulu, Graham Norton and Sam Ryder decided who they would be sending though, but were left unimpressed by the chef and the actors awful performances.

First up was Jamie, who stood before the panel with a message scrawled across a piece of cardboard. 

In the hilarious clip, the actor when on to reveal that he couldn’t perform the song that had been written for him by Paul McCartney because he ‘had no voice.’

The panel were left baffled by his audition as they reminded him that it was a singing competition and sent him on his way. 

Next up to try his hand at impressing the judges was Gordon, who took to the stage with an out of tune rendition of a nursery rhyme. 

The high pitched squeal echoed around room, forcing Lulu to make a sly exit while Sam and Graham were left arguing over who would break the bad news to Gordon. 

‘We’ll put you down as a maybe,’ the chat show host grimaced as the angry chef snapped the instrument over his thigh and told the judges to ‘F*** off.’ 

Michelle Keegan also got in on the action as she posed for a striking selfie sporting her big red nose.

She wrote on Instagram: ‘#rednoseday has a brand new Red Nose that makes a really big difference! Support @comicrelief by ordering yours now at @amazonuk or on the Comic Relief shop and you can help change lives. Get yours now!’

A post shared by Michelle Keegan (@michkeegan)

In honour of Red Nose Day a slew of celebrities posed sporting the accessory in Instagram snaps. 

Leading the stars were the Beckhams, with David posing alongside daughter Harper, 11, as they grinned at one another across a table.

The former footballer, 47, remarked ‘I love this years Red Nose by Sir Jony Ive’ – the former Apple guru who designed the accessory.

A post shared by David Beckham (@davidbeckham)

What other merchandise is there?

Although the charity’s red nose has been its main merchandise item since its creation, Comic Relief has also partnered with the Mr. Men and Little Miss brand and TK Maxx to create t-shirts, tote bags and other merchandise.

TK Maxx has pledged that at least £5 from the sale of every adult T-shirt and at least £2.50 from the sale of every kids’ T-shirt will go to Comic Relief. 

Celebrities including Tess Daly, Amanda Holden, Hugh Bonneville and Martin Freeman modelled the collection to encourage customers to fork out.

Dame Joan Collins sent temperatures soaring as she took to Instagram in a pair of black lace stockings on Friday. 

The 89-year-old looked sensational as she posed up a storm modelling a T-shirt for Comic relief.

Joan slipped her feet into black heels as she showcased her long and elegant pins while beaming for the camera.

The stunner sported a gorgeous palette of make-up with a classic pillar box red lip and wore her dark locks in curls. 

She captioned the snap: ‘My husband INSISTED I post this photo for #rednoseday…but the t-shirt is so fabulous I’ve been wearing it to bed!’ 

Gethin Jones wiped away tears and collapsed on the floor after learning he had raised over £1m for Comic Relief following a 24-hour danceathon on Friday.

WOW! The last 24 hours have been amazing. Thank you to everyone who donated, and to @GethincJones for dancing his socks off.

There's still time to donate, so if you can, please do:

Exhausted Gethin Jones wiped away tears and collapsed on the floor after learning he had raised over £1m for Comic Relief following a 24-hour danceathon on Friday. 

The 45-year-old former Blue Peter presenter couldn’t control his emotions when he was  told about the milestone figure amount he had raised.

The BBC Morning Live host boogied his way through the night – while dressed in various costumes, including as Pixar’s Mr. Incredible – in a bid to raise funds, which continue to climb.

Gethin was joined on the daytime show by his co-stars Kimberley Walsh and Helen Skelton live on air for the final countdown to completing his charity danceathon. 

Golden confetti rained down on them after the ticker ran down, and he told viewers: ‘This celebration sums it up. All the messages overnight have been phenomenal.

‘I can’t quite believe what we’ve raised for Comic Relief!’ admitted the veteran TV host.

Choking up, Gethin began to cry as he gushed: ‘It’s going to change lives. It’s going to save lives. I’ve said it all along, I’m so proud. I feel privileged to have led it but it’s a team effort.’

All the TV action kicks off on BBC One at 7pm tonight.

The countdown is ON for tonight. It's going to be AMAZING and we have some very special people hosting. Tune in to @BBCOne and @BBCiPlayer at [email protected] @ZoeTheBall @PaddyMcGuinness @AJOdudu

Where can I buy a red nose and how much does it cost?

Red noses are on sale for £2.50 from the Comic Relief shop at 

All profits from sales of the new red nose will go directly to Comic Relief. 

For the first time, the red nose is also being sold on Amazon, which Comic Relief says is the new home of the red nose.

Amazon is offering free shipping to all customers, regardless of your Amazon Prime status.

This year’s red nose

The staple of the event is the red nose and this year’s was designed by former Apple guru Sir Jony Ive. 

Made from 95 percent plant-based materials, the new nose starts as a tiny, flat crescent that springs into a honeycomb paper sphere when opened.

Ive told The Independent : ‘We’ve grown up with Comic Relief and are proud to support their remarkable work.

‘This new and seemingly simple red nose has been a fabulously complex little object to design and make, and has involved our entire team. ‘We hope it brings a little moment of joy to everyone who wears one.’

The design of the red nose changes every year so that people keep buying it.

Jamie Dornan, Dermot O’Leary, Courteney Cox, Jonathon Ross, Graham Norton and AJ Odudu have all recently modelled the brand new nose. 

The first Comic Relief fundraising event, which broadcast live from Shaftsbury Theatre in London, featured countless artists and comedians, including Lenny Henry himself, Rowan Atkinson, Stephen Fry and Kate Bush, among others. 

In 1988, Lenny Henry hosted the first live Red Noes Day telethon from Ethiopia, with 150 celebrities and comedians participating. The event, which raised £15million in funds, then would take every other year.

Due to its popularity, Red Nose Day became a yearly occurrence, and is a high profile TV event, watched religiously by millions across the country and worldwide. 

Charity challenges are also completed ahead of the televised events in order to raise more funds.

For the past 34 years, March has been synonymous with Red Nose Day, a joyful fundraising effort raising millions to fight poverty around the world. 

The slogan of the campaign, which was created by Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry’s Comic Relief in 1988, is ‘Do something funny for money.’

Several celebs have taken part in the Red Nose Day charity appeal over the years, taking on all types of challenges to raise funds, such as Emma Willis, Oti Mabuse and Rylan Clark, who reached the summit of Cairn Gorm Mountain to fundraise for the event. 

Others have also taken part in Red Nose Days specials of popular movies or shows, like Red Nose Day Actually, which reunited the original cast of Love Actually in 2007, and One Red Nose Day and a Wedding in 2019, after the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Red Nose Day returns to our screens tonight, Friday 17 March, with millions of people expected to take part through various challenges and donation appeals.

The crux of the campaign is a telethon broadcast live on the BBC to appeal for funds, with high profile celebrities taking part with last years appeal raising £42.8 million.

Money raised from the Red Nose Day appeal will help charity Comic Relief support people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and tackle issues such as homelessness, mental health problems and food poverty. 

Join us here for news and updates now and throughout the BBC One broadcast at 7pm.

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