Colt Johnson: I Cheated on Jess With Vanessa Our WHOLE Relationship! Sorry!

Numerous women have learned the hard way that Colt Johnson is a 90 Day Fiance villain.

Cheating, lies, weird mind games, and mommy issues have defined his role on reality TV.

On this upcoming episode of 90 Day: The SIngle Life, Colt and Vanessa Guerra are prepping for a double date.

They’re meeting up with his ex, Jess, and her husband. The reason? Colt has a lot to confess.

“A few days ago, I invited my ex-girlfriend, Jess, and her husband, Brian, to go out with Vanessa and [me],” Colt begins.

He explains that he wanted to do the meet-up “so that we can apologize to her.”

“And,” Colt narrates, “surprisingly, she actually agreed.”

“So tonight,” Colt continues, “we’re going to meet up.”

At this point, the notorious reality TV villain shares his assessment of his personal development.

“I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot,” he emphasizes as he anticipates the meet-up.

“And,” Colt teases, “I feel like I owe it to Jess to tell her what really happened between Vanessa and [me].”

At the Tell All, Colt finally admitted to cheating on Jess with Vanessa (on top of sending out his dick pics).

However, he claimed at the time that it was weeks after returning home from Brazil.

But actually, that’s not the truth, Coltee.

“Even though I told Jess that I had an affair with Vanessa after I came back from [our trip to] Brazil,” Colt begins to confess.

He admits: “That’s not exactly the reality.”

“The truth is it started about a month after Jess and I started dating,” Colt reveals.

He acknowledges that “I didn’t tell her the full story when I got the chance.”

“I was nervous, scared, and I didn’t know how Jess would react,” Colt claims.

“Even though I acted poorly in my relationship with her, I’ve grown a lot,” Colt alleges.

He insists: “I’m not the same person I was with her.”

After cheating on a wife and a girlfriend in the space of a year, it would be interesting if Colt has actually transformed into a totally different person.

Oops, sorry, a wife and two girlfriends.

According to the super-reliable 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, as we reported long ago, Colt had another girlfriend.

After Jess, he reportedly dated a beautiful woman named Julissa, on whom he then cheated … apparently with Vanessa.

We’ll say this much about Vanessa Guerra’s decision to date Colt.

At least he cannot exactly match his pattern from his last couple of romances.

That is, if he’s dating Vanessa, he can’t cheat with Vanessa. He’ll have to cheat with someone else.

Larissa also spoke out about Colt’s “friendship” with Vanessa towards the end of their marriage.

She said this at the Tell All.

She did not mention (or it was edited out) that Colt had, as he would later do with Jess, sent out dick pics to numerous women.

In Brazil, we saw Jess challenge Colt over his friendship with Vanessa.

It wasn’t just that they stayed friends — Colt faked ending the friendship with Vanessa to appease Jess, but never cut things off.

Now, of course, the world knows that Jess was profoundly vindicated in all of her suspicions.

Fortunately, despite her humiliation at Colt’s hands, Jess moved on.

She found a new man who was a total upgrade, and the two were even married.

It will be interesting to see the couples on their double date on The Single Life.

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