Christine McGuinness unrecognisable as she baffles fans after makeover

Christine McGuinness fumes after being filmed while in shower

Christine McGuinness left fans scratching their heads over her appearance as the reality star shared a new photo looking like a different person.

The on-screen star thanked the team for her new makeover which left her followers lost for words.

The model, who split with her husband Paddy McGuinness last year, debuted a brand new look as she takes part in the new series of Celebrity Hunted.

In the snap, her face had been digitally enhanced to make her look very different with fans questioning whether the image was real or not.

“Wtf have you done,” one said, as a second added: “Can you get your money back? Not a good look!”

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A third shared: “Omg what has she done to herself she was beautiful before. Is this a joke ????,” whilst a fourth penned: “Is this a joke?” A fifth social media user added: “Sorry I think you are beautiful without all this work.”

“Looked better before she was such a pretty girl. Lips are wonky x,” another shared, whilst a seventh added: “OMG. What have they done to you? You’re beautiful enough without all that.”

Others shut down the criticism as they noted it was a joke and is part of her disguise for Celebrity Hunted.

One explained: “Obviously a joke. She doesn’t need to mess with her beautiful face Xx.”

Another added: “Good luck! You’re doing very well. Love the disguise.”

Christine captioned the image: “Just been to Golden Modification Aesthetics thanks for the great work! @hunted_hq.”

The photo turned out to be an AI generated image as Christine attempted to create a disguise after signing up to take part in the latest series of Celebrity Hunted.

The Channel 4 show sees groups of celebs go on the run and try as they try to avoid capture by an elite group of hunters.

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