Chrissy Teigen shares a cute video of her young son Miles with a goat

Chrissy Teigen shares a hilarious and heartwarming video of her son Miles responding to a noisy goat at Easter bash: ‘I don’t know what that means!’

Chrissy Teigen shared a hilarious and heartwarming video of her son Miles responding to a noisy goat.

The video was taken during her recent Easter party, and showed her youngest child watching the animal bleat.

‘I don’t know what that means!’ the three-year-old responded, drawing a laugh from his mother, 35.

Fond memories: On Saturday and Sunday, Chrissy Teigen shared several videos to her Instagram Story and account, all of which had been taken during her Easter party 

The youngster looked ever-so-precious in a stylish button down shirt with coordinating brown bow tie. 

Chrissy shared a plethora of images from the fun-filled bash, including one showing how beautifully decorated the party had been.  

The video begins with Chrissy posing with her party planner, before panning the camera to show off the stunning display of balloons spread out throughout the yard. 

Lost in translation: When a goat bleated at her son Miles, the youngster responded by telling the animal ‘I don’t know what that means’

Holiday festivities: Chrissy’s daughter Luna beamed with joy as she embraced the Easter Bunny

The model then shared a video of Miles walking towards their front door and revealed that she and her husband booked a Hot Dog on a Stick truck for their event.

Teigen’s fourth post showed her trying one of the chain’s corn dogs while her 42-year-old husband John Legend looked on; she kept it casual in the shot, as she wore a simple beige cardigan. 

The Lip Sync Battle co-host accessorized with multiple articles of jewelry during her Easter party. 

Putting in work: One of the Lip Sync Battle’s videos showed her hanging out with a party planner and showing off her beautifully decorated backyard

Festive space: Teigen then turned the camera to show off the impressive array of decorations that had been set up for the party

Dressing for the occasion: In another Story post, Teigen could be seen wearing a festive multicolored pair of bunny ears

Her usually free-flowing dyed hair fell onto her shoulders in the video, and she also wore a pair of multicolored bunny ears.

Afterwards, she went back to the truck to get herself a delicious-looking fried cheese stick and appeared to be enjoying herself as she ate her snack.

Legend looked over her shoulder the whole time, and she eventually passed the fried food item to her husband, where the video ended.

Teigen’s final Story post from her event showed her dressed up in the Easter Bunny costume while posing in her dressing room’s mirror. 

Sending it his way: After taking a bite out of a piece of fried cheese, the model passed the food item over her shoulder towards her husband

Trying it on: Teigen’s final Story post showed her trying on the Easter Bunny costume while spending a bit of alone time in her dressing room

On Sunday, Miles was featured in a photo posted to Legend’s Instagram account.

The father-son duo both wore brightly colored button-up shirts for the shot, which was taken during a family meal.

In the snap, the singer flashed a smile at the camera and his youngest child played around while his dad took a photo.

Legend also wrote a short message in the post’s caption that read ‘Somebody loves brunch.’

Doting dad: On Sunday morning, Legend posted a selfie that he had taken with Miles during a family brunch to his Instagram account

Teigen also shared a set of videos that had been taken during the family’s outing on her Instagram Story.

The model’s first video showed her spending time with her daughter Luna Simone, aged six, as they digitally applied a dog-themed filter to their faces.

The social media personality was seen singing a few lines from Like the Zombies Do from the film Zombies 2 while her eldest child looked into the camera.

Quality time: During the family’s brunch, Teigen shared a video of her singing while her daughter looked at the filter that had been digitally applied to both of their faces

Teigen’s second video showed her daughter spreading ketchup on her burger, and her son shot a funny face at his mother, who asked if he could say hello to the camera.

The reality television personality’s final video showed her singing along to the song Someday, which was also featured on the soundtrack to Zombies 2, while driving home.

The couple’s children appeared to be enjoying the ride back to their house while sitting in the car’s backseat. 

Just fooling around: Miles shot a funny face at his mother while she was taking a video; she then asked him to say hello to the camera

Working those pipes: Teigen’s final video from the family outing showed her and Legend singing a song from Zombies 2 while their children relaxed during the ride home

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