Chris Evans in tears after heartbreaking moment with Phillip Schofield ‘Nothing of you’

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Virgin Radio host Chris Evans, fought back tears on his show after he spoke candidly with Phillip Schofield today. It comes after the This Morning presenter announced to the world that he was gay in a candid Instagram post back in February.

Phillip, 58, has since written an autobiography, Life Is What You Make It, where he talks openly about his personal life.

The 54-year-old radio DJ explained during their on-air discussion about the moment he knew “something was going on” with the ITV favourite when he saw him earlier this year.

Phillip has previously opened up about the time leading up to him coming out and said that he was looking so frail, it caused concern among those he worked with.

Chris has since addressed the presenter’s health concerns as he too admitted he noticed a change.

The Virgin Radio host became emotional remembering the last time he saw Phillip after his dramatic weight loss.

The DJ had visited the This Morning studios to talk about his annual CarFest event.

“I didn’t recognise you,” Chris recalled.

“And Holly gave me a look and I thought – hmm – something’s going on here.”

He added: “You looked like a little old man, because there was nothing of you.”

Chris became choked up as he recalled the troubling moment.

“So, you literally couldn’t eat,” he went on, as he attempted to recover from their candid discussion.

Phillip has revealed that in the build up to coming out, fears for his health were growing with some concerned he “was dying”.


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He has said that he grappled with inner turmoil at the time as he tried to get to grips with his sexuality and the toll of this was beginning to show with his slender frame.

The This Morning presenter then went on to discuss his wife Stephanie Lowe and revealed the pair took a getaway trip to the Hamptons where she became “desperately worried” about his weight loss.

“I dropped from 11 stone and fell to 10 stone,” Phillip explained.

“Then I got down to 9 stone and Steph became desperately worried for me and tried to make me eat.”

He went on: “It was frustrating for everybody because I couldn’t eat. It’s not because I didn’t want to but I just couldn’t.”

“I got very, very skinny.”

Phillip has been married to his wife Steph for the past 27 years and the couple share two children together.

Chris Evans on Virgin Radio airs weekdays from 6am.

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