Charlie Puth is Really Broken Up About Mac Miller

Charlie Puth became emotional during an interview with E! News about the loss of his friend, Mac Miller. The two had only become close over the last six months, but Charlie clearly grieves the loss. In particular, Charlie says that he feels guilt about not being able to help more with Mac’s sobriety,

I had always thought that I would be the one to help him get clean … I just felt that I didn’t do enough after my tour to be around him. And I just feel really bad …”

About his friend, Charlie choked up and said

He was an amazing guy … we talked almost every day. I don’t get a lot of friends in my life that I hit it off with so quickly. His body may have left this earth, but his soul, his spirit has gone into so many people …”

You can watch the full interview below.

(Image source: Charlie Puth Instagram)

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