Channing Tatum Gets Butt Kicked by Daughter Everly in Boxing Video – Watch!

Channing Tatum lets his daughter Everly practice punches on him in a rare video!

The 39-year-old Magic Mike star posted the video of himself and his 6-year-old daughter to Instagram on Wednesday (December 11).

“She love punching dad!” he captioned it. “This is only 1/16 how long this went for hahaha she an animal. We love wrestling and boxing. And we keep it fun.”

“I heard once that martial arts was only created to take the mystery out of fight,” he continued. “So people started to practiced it. So if ever there came a time they had to defend themselves they wouldn’t be as afraid. In my experience fear most times leads to bad decisions. Being calm and secure with your mind and body…Make great opportunity for good decisions.”

“Violence is 100% never the answer,” he added. “But having a daughter i always want her to feel safe in her being. And god help the person that ever poke the beast inside this little angel.”

Watch them face off below!

Channing Tatum also recently took his daughter to see Frozen on stage, and she dressed up as Elsa!

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