Cardi B's Abs Will Make You Put Down That Bagel

“Clout Gospel Remix by the Bodak Yellow Church!” Cardi captioned the post.

Cardi B is taking us to church and looking good doing it.

In a video posted to her Instagram Tuesday night, the rapper showed off her toned abs, wearing nothing but a bralette and underwear. In the clip, Cardi and her team sang a slowed down, acapella version of her fiery verse from her husband Offset’s recent hit "Clout."

"Clout Gospel Remix by the Bodak Yellow Church!" Cardi captioned the post, tagging her hairdresser, Tokyo Styles, and publicist Patientce Foster.

Clout Gospel Remix by the Bodak Yellow Church! @kollincarter @tokyostylez @iam_kingpee

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In the hot video, Cardi is seen posing with her hands on her hips as Tokyo fixes her long, black tresses. Cardi, Tokyo and her makeup artist in the background sing the lyrics:

"Whole lotta people need to hear this,
It’s a lotta names on my hit list.
Mouth still say what it wants to/
P—y still wet like a big bitch.
I should run a whole blog at this rate/
They using my name for clickbait.
Bitches even wanna start fake beef/
To sell their little weave in the mixtape.
They know I’m the bomb, they ticking me off/
Saying anything to get a response.
I know that mean they traffic is low/
Somebody just gotta practice to launch.
So f–k being tame, I’d rather be wild/
Bitches is Brandy, they wanna be down.
Soon as these bitches got something to sell/
They say my name, say my name, Destiny Child."

Cardi, who gave birth to baby Kulture Kiari last July, told Harper’s BAZAAR in February she was struggling to feel like she did before she was pregnant.

"For some reason, I still don’t feel like my body’s the same," the Grammy winner told the publication. "I feel like I don’t have my balance right yet. When it comes to heels, I’m not as good at walking anymore. I feel like I’m holding a weight on me. I don’t know why because I’m skinnier than I’ve ever been. But there’s an energy I haven’t gotten back yet that I had before I was pregnant. It’s just the weirdest thing."

One thing’s for sure: Cardi’s body looks incredible. Okurr!

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