Camilla expected to end royal tradition that was close to Queen’s heart

Camilla may bring an end to a royal tradition that was close to the Queen's heart, an expert has claimed.

The Queen Consort is expected to do things differently to her mother-in-law, the late Elizabeth II, as part of a move to modernise the monarchy following the accession of King Charles III.

One predicted change could be the scrapping of ladies-in-waiting, who have traditionally worked as unpaid personal assistants to the Queen.

Elizabeth II's loyal ladies-in-waiting, who were seen in black frocks and hats paying their final respects during the funeral procession, were not just royal staff but some of her closest companions and friends, having been by her side for decades.

Marlene Koenig, a historian who has studied the Royal Family for several years, told the Express: "There are some positions that may no longer be filled.

"You wonder if the women, especially Queen Camilla, will use ladies-in-waiting as the Queen did. She's never had, even as the Duchess of Cornwall, an official lady-in-waiting."

Camilla's former secretary, Angela MacManus, filled the role of lady-in-waiting but wasn't officially named.

Both Camilla and Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, were given the choice to appoint ladies-in-waiting when they married into the Royal Family, but neither did.

Queen Elizabeth, however, appointed nine ladies-in-waiting from 1953 to 2017, who were mostly "women from aristocratic families".

The tight-knit team were personally chosen by the late Queen to assist her with day to day tasks, from picking outfits and helping her bathe and dress, to putting together her diary of engagements and arranging private family events, according to The Mirror.

A couple of the women are expected to soon retire following Her Majesty's death, as they are aged in their 80s but wanted to stay serving the Queen until the end.

The ladies-in-waiting would also send notes of thanks to the public from the Queen, but Marlene expects that will no longer be the case.

She said: "I think in the correspondence office, it's just going to be people signing the letters.

"In this day in age, they will have people who do it, but I don't expect they'll have the formal title."

Other past royal women, including Princess Diana, Princess Alexandra and Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester, are said to have used ladies in waiting.

Meanwhile, King Charles is thought to be "slimming down" the monarchy and even considering whether Balmoral should be opened up to the public in the future.

The castle where his beloved mother died could be turned into a museum, dedicated to her.


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