Cain Velasquez Sends Message From Jail, Calls For 'True Victims' To Speak Out

1:48 PM PT — Velasquez’s hearing was continued until May 6 — meaning the UFC legend will remain behind bars for at least another three weeks.

It should be noted … at the hearing Tuesday, fellow UFC legend Daniel Cormier showed up to support his good friend.

Cain Velasquez has finally broken his silence on his attempted murder case — releasing a statement from jail on Tuesday, thanking his supporters and urging “the true victims of this case” to come forward.

Velasquez just posted the message on his social media page — just hours before he’s set to go before a judge for a hearing in the case — saying he’s grateful for all of the fighters and fans who have pleaded for his release from jail following his February arrest.

“To everyone that has expressed your support, my family and I will never be able to thank you enough,” Velasquez said. “From the bottom of our hearts and the depths of our souls, we are forever grateful for your love.”

The 39-year-old did not go into detail about his side of the story in the case, but he did say it’s “complex and slowly unraveling as we speak.”

As we reported, officials say Velasquez shot at Harry Goularte multiple times on Feb. 28 in Santa Clara County, Calif. … after the man was accused of molesting one of Velasquez’s close relatives.

Velasquez has been hit with 10 criminal charges, including one count of felony attempted murder.

In his note, Velasquez urged the “true victims of this case” — presumably others he believes Goularte has molested — to speak out.

“May God give you the strength to come forward,” the UFC legend said. “Though it is most difficult to relive the pain that has happened to you, in speaking the truth, justice will be served and your own true healing will start.”

“I will never stop helping or loving my community and all of you. Thank you for loving me.”

Velasquez’s hearing is slated to begin at 1:30 PM PT. There is a chance he could finally be released from jail following the court session.

Originally Published — 10:48 AM PT

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