Britney Spears reveals her new mansion is 'still in renovation'

Britney Spears reveals her and husband Sam Asghari’s new mansion is ‘still in renovation’ as she models low-rise shorts at her ‘old house’

Britney Spears and new husband Sam Sam Asghari just returned back to Los Angeles after enjoying their tropical honeymoon at an undisclosed location.

And the pop princess confessed to be ‘bored out of my mind’ on Saturday as she waits to move into the couple’s new mansion in Calabasas.

It turns out it was her old AA sponsor who offered some advice that ultimately led the Toxic star back to her Instagram page where she showcased her fab figure in a midriff-baring ensemble.

Breaking the boredom: Britney Spears confessed to be ‘bored out of my mind’ in a new Instagram video where she mentions her new mansion and old AA sponsor

For fans of her dance clips that she been posting over the past couple of years, which left some people questioning her motivation and mental stability, this was a departure of sorts.

Instead of dancing or showcasing a workout, Spears walked a few steps and struck a few simple poses dressed in skimpy brown shorts that she tugged at to reveal the top of her underwear.

She also put her toned tummy on display by matching the shorts with a red and white-patterned crop top, along with a pair of heels. 

In an added touch, Spears dropped in a clip from the song Head In The Clouds by Naïka to the post, which offers inspiration of self confidence and power.

‘Head In The Clouds’: The pop princess struck a few simple poses in skimpy brown shorts and a red and white-patterned crop top, as a clip from Naïka’s song Head In The Clouds is playing

On holding pattern: The Toxic star revealed she can’t move into her new $11.8 million mansion in Calabasas until renovations are complete

‘This was today at my old house … can’t show new one yet … still in renovation … but this is today bored out of my mind!!!’ the Gimme More star began in the caption, before mentioning how an old friend distracted her from her boredom.

‘One of my old AA sponsors called me and said “how are ya” ??? I said “moving forward but it’s hard to let go too” … I told her I’ve read WAY too many self help books … blah blah … like I’m assuming girls who talk about it for 2 hours …’

She ended the post by adding the advice her sponsor suggested: ‘STOP !!! It isn’t that deep … she said go shake your f***ing a** !!!’ 

Racy: The songstress tugged at her shorts to reveal the top of her undergarment

Making a move: Spears and her new husband Sam Asghari are awaiting to move out of her home in Thousand Oaks and into the new Calabasas mansion, which is near where her two sons live with their father, Kevin Federline

One look at the lyrics of Head In The Clouds, and it’s easy to see why the singer-songwriter made a connection to the tune.

‘I gotta fight for myself – I celebrated myself – Got no one holding me down – I feel invincible now,’ Naïka sings at the beginning of the Instagram video.

‘Finally finding myself – Feeling so proud of myself – I’ve got my head in the clouds – Won’t let you pull me down.’

The clips ends with another line from the chorus: ‘Head in the clouds – Won’t let you pull me down – Head in the clouds – Won’t let you pull me down.’

Newlyweds: Spears, 40, and husband Sam Asghari, 28, were married on June 9

Spears is eagerly looking forward to leaving her Thousand Oaks house for her new $11.8 million mansion in Calabasas, which is right down the street from her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and their two boys Sean, 16 and Jayden, 15.

Her spacious new six-bedroom house, which used to be owned by Justin and Hailey Bieber, is over almost 12,000 square feet and sits on 1.6 acres, according to Pop Crush.

Located in the Estate At The Oaks neighborhood, the new pad is decked out with custom chandeliers, a wine cellar, a movie theater and a pool with waterfalls and a water slide. 

Her new neighbors include fellow newlyweds: Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Barker. 

Fun in the sun: The couple had been on a tropical honeymoon at an undisclosed location

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