Britney Spears Pays Fine to Avoid Court for Traffic Violation

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Britney Spears isn’t fighting a traffic ticket she got last month — coughing up the dough to make it all go away — and shelling out a little extra for educational driving purposes, too.

The pop star paid a $332 fine over a traffic violation she was dinged for in early October out in Ventura County after allegedly crossing over double lines while cruising.

On top of the fine itself, it looks like BS also paid around $400 for traffic school … a common route to take to avoid gaining a point on your license.

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As we reported … Britney paid even more cash the month prior over yet another driving incident. There, we were told she got pulled over for speeding … and was ultimately ticketed for driving without a valid license or proof of insurance.

In that case, Brit forked over more than $1,100 to put that matter to bed.

TMZ broke the story … the body cam footage that captured this October stop was pretty revealing — because Britney told the officer on the scene that she only made the illegal turn ’cause she had to tinkle really badly — but that excuse still didn’t fly.

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