Brian May ‘struggling to find words’ as he breaks silence on Israel-Hamas war

Brian May performs at We Will Rock You musical revival

Queen legend Brian May took to Instagram to admit he’s been “struggling” to find the right words to express his feelings on the war between Israel and Hamas, despite “hoping desperately” there will be a resolution to the conflict.

Attaching a post made by singer-songwriter Jacob Collier, he echoed his feelings that there are no “right words” but that “looking away isn’t an option”.

Brian sadly informed his 3.2 million followers: “I, too, have been struggling, feeling I need to say something, yet unable to find the right words.

“I think the amazing Jacob Collier has said it right. I’m praying for a cease-fire, and deliverance of all the innocent children, and all the innocent grown-ups who want nothing more than to bring their children up in safety and peace. I stand for the children. Bri.”

He shared a screenshot of Jacob’s original post too, which poignantly read: “Like so many I’ve been looking for the right words, but there are none.”

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“It’s impossible to put into words a sentiment of the suffering that’s taking place in Palestine and Israel,” the statement continued.

“Anything that is said will be too much for some and not enough for others… but looking away isn’t an option.”

It added that he was “hoping desperately for an end to the violence” and “thinking of all who are suffering right now, who do not feel represented by their leaders’ decisions, and wish only for peace”.

“For all humanity’s sake, I hope that peace can be found.”

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In a matter of minutes, Brian’s post had received several thousand likes for those equally distraught about the current conflict and the lives taken by it.

“Agree, agree and agree. There is no need, no reason. War is inhuman. We are better than this. Love and light, not hate and despair.. this is not the way,” @chaotic_queen_zee wrote in the comments.

@jhoolsdall28 chimed in: “It breaks my heart to see what’s happening over there. The constant bombardment of innocents, who have no way of defending themselves. Enough is enough!”

“I want peace and we must fight for the warlords to lay down their weapons. Thanks Bri for your words,” @valeriafabbretti added.

Some followers described Brian as “pure love”, although he received messages in the comments from “disappointed” viewers too, with one quizzing: “Too little too late. Where were you on day one?”

Meanwhile, Brian also received news of a personal tragedy this month, following the death of his driver – his family’s “dearest friend and protector” – who had been transporting him for more than three decades.

Phil Webb died of a heart attack earlier this month, and Brian sorrowly described the day he discovered the loss as one of the “saddest days of my life”.

“Bless you dear Phil – we all love you. We’re proud of the life you led, and forever grateful for everything you gave us – more than any words could ever describe,” he wrote at the time.

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