Breaking Bad child star hasn't been cast in a movie or show for DECADE

Breaking Bad child star hasn’t been cast in a single movie or TV show for nearly a DECADE

A child star who made his acting debut in Breaking Bad back in 2010 hasn’t had a role in a movie or TV show for nearly a decade.

Mexican-American actor Ian Posada, now 20, was last cast in 2015’s Sicario, with his eight-episode spell as Brock Cantillo on Netflix’s hit drama coming to an end two years earlier in 2013.

His only other credit, according to his IMDb page, is in a 2014 short film called Heirloom.

Posada took up his role in Breaking Bad when he was aged just six years old, in the 11th episode of the show’s third season.

He was introduced to viewers after Jesse Pinkman met Brock’s mother Andrea at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, intending to sell her methamphetamine.

Dry patch: Ian Posada has not been cast in any TV show or movie for almost a decade, despite playing a pivotal role in Breaking Bad

Key role: The actor was just six when he began filming alongside Bryan Cranston (left as Walter White) and Aaron Paul (right as Jesse Pinkman)

However, after Aaron Paul’s character realised that his intended customer had a young son, he began a relationship with her and befriended Brock.

With Jesse’s financial support, the boy and his mother moved into a safer neighbourhood, before Brock became the pawn of Walter White’s manipulation of Paul’s character.

Walter poisoned Brock, but convinced Jesse it was rival distributor Gustavo Fring – who Jesse then killed.

Posada’s involvement in the show came to an end with another instance of Jesse being manipulated, this time with Walter saying that his relationship was going nowhere if Jesse had to continually lie about his involvement in narcotics.

As a result the relationship with Andrea ended, and he consequently stopped seeing Brock, but not before he was once again seen at the centre of a trap when Jesse tried to kill Walter as a last payback after learning of his deception.

That final appearance was in season five, but viewers got a later reference to the son in 2019’s El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, when Jesse addressed a letter to him.

Despite playing such a pivotal role in the successful series, Posada has been unable to kick on with his acting career since, albeit with it still being early days.

His minor role in drug-war movie Sicario eight years ago was his last credit, but he still labels himself an actor on his Instagram.

Child star: Posada played six-year-old Brock Cantillo in the Netflix hit series

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