Ben Affleck Steps Out with His Kids, Sans J Lo, on 49th Birthday

Ben Affleck is turning 49 today, and before he gets into whatever Jennifer Lopez has in store for him … it seems he wanted some QT with his kiddos, without her on his arm.

BA was spotted out Sunday with his three children in tow — Violet, Samuel and Seraphina — while they were apparently visiting a friend in L.A. It’s just dad and the young ones here … no sign of Jen or any of her brood tagging along. Ditto for his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

It’s interesting to see Ben without the former tied to his hip on his most special of days — considering they’ve been doing just that with all their other outings lately, plus workplace drop-ins. Frankly, we figured it’d a no-brainer to see her with him early and often on his bday.

Not the case, though, it seems. Maybe Ben’s compartmentalizing, and splitting up his time. Family first, love life second. Oddly enough, there’s no bday shout-out from Jen yet either.

The only thing she has up on her Story today is a goofy solo selfie — definitely not the same type of attention/treatment she gave herself a few weeks ago for the big 5-2, which had Ben’s fingerprints all over the celebration. On the other hand, he is a low-key dude generally (no IG or anything) … so, maybe the non-acknowledgment is at his behest? 🤷🏽‍♂️

While JL might not be giving him bday props just yet, Ben’s old director pal, Zack Snyder, sure is … he posted a born day tribute with some never-before-seen photos of BA as Batman — and it’s got DC fans buzzing and clamoring for more Snyder-verse content.

Zack threw up the throwback pic on Vero, showing a test batsuit he was having Ben try on at the time — which was apparently back in 2013, before they started filming ‘Batman v Superman.’ Your boy looked as good then as he does now some 8 years later.

Anyway, happy birthday, big fella. And, here’s hoping a surprise is in store for ya before the night’s out!

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