‘Bailiffs coming round’ EastEnders’ Danny Dyer’s horror after stealing £109 of petrol

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Danny Dyer said he was left in shock after he received a letter that stated he would receive a visit from bailiffs at his home. The EastEnders actor admitted he was left in shock after it was claimed he had driven off the petrol forecourt without paying.

The Mick Carter actor said that he refused to believe that he had done anything wrong.

The 44-year-old explained that he contacted the police, the fraud squad and even marched round to the petrol station.

But it was later found that he had indeed driven off without paying for petrol.

Danny was later told he’d paid for his shopping – including a microwave spaghetti bolognese and some sweets – but not the massive fuel bill.

The small-screen star made the admission while chatting with his daughter Dani Dyer on their joint podcast, Sorted With The Dyers.

The actor explained that he got a letter from a firm threatening to cart away his belongings if he didn’t pay.

Danny explained: “I received a letter in the post and it was from a bailiff company saying they were going to come round and start taking things from my house because I haven’t paid my petrol bill.

“I thought, ‘Oh hold on a minute what do you mean?’

“Apparently I drove onto a petrol forecourt and I filled my car up and then said I haven’t got the money to pay for it.”

He added: “I’m lucky, I’ve got readies – there’s no way in the world I would do that.”

Seemingly convinced that someone had pretended to be him, he called the fraud investigation squad – before going over to the petrol station in person.

He went on: “I took the letter – queued up in the petrol garage. Interestingly, the Old Bill walked in. There was a copper in there.

“I said, ‘I’m glad you’re here because someone’s been pretending to be me and I want to find out what’s going on.'”


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Danny added: “I went up and said, ‘Where’s the manager, what the f*****g hell is this? Listen I come in here often, I can’t believe you’re accusing me of not paying my petrol.'”

The shop assistant came back and showed pictures of the actor filling his car up with petrol at the station.

“She comes out with pictures of me filling up my car on the exact date. She then pulled out a receipt and showed me everything I’d bought that day other than the petrol. It was me, ladies and gentlemen,” Danny recalled.

He said the man at the checkout on the day he drove off didn’t ask if he had any fuel to buy that day.

Danny explained: “What happened is there’s a cashier in there, who’s a bit of a fan of mine.

“That day I bought myself a spaghetti bolognese to microwave at work, some fizzy sweets and a chocolate orange roll. I had a little shopping bag with me.

“He’s forgot to ask me if I’d bought petrol – so I drive off without paying £109 to fill up my car.”

Following the mix-up, Danny said he paid the bill but added he is too embarrassed to go back to the same petrol station.

He added: “I paid for it, I cleared it all up. I walked out of that f*****g petrol garage with my tail between my legs clutching that letter.

“I don’t think I’ll be going back which is a shame as it’s a good petrol garage.”

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