Axl Rose Drags Surgeon General After He Refuses To Tell People To Avoid Crowds: ‘Resign’

Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose dubbed Surgeon General Jerome Adams a ‘coward’ in a charged tweet posted July 3, adding that he ‘doesn’t deserve’ the high profile job.

Axl Rose, 58, put Surgeon General Jerome Adams, 45, on blast after he skirted around telling Americans to avoid large 4th of July gatherings amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. “Jerome Adams is  a: A coward b: A [piece of s—] c: Both,” Axl began his tweet posted on Friday, July 3. “Resign. U don’t deserve the job or title. America deserves better,” the Guns N’ Roses frontman added to his 1.2 million Twitter followers.

The tweet was in response to the Surgeon General’s interview earlier in the day, where Today Show news anchor Craig Melvin asked Jerome how he would advise Americans to approach attending large events — including the two hosted by President Donald Trump — where masks were not required. “As we go into this 4th of July weekend, it’s important that everyone remember my Surgeon General’s prescription for staying safe from Coronavirus,” he began, avoiding telling Americans not to attend such events unless they have underlying health conditions. “1. Know your risk. We know that people who are older and people who have chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure are at higher risk for Coronavirus. If you’re at higher risk, stay at home,” he explained.

“Number 2. Understand your circumstances. Are you in a community where spread is up or down? Are you going to a place where you can social distance or not? Are you going to a place to where you’re inside or outside? We know the risk for outside is lower risk than inside,” he went on as Craig cut him off. “But Dr. Adams — with all due respect…we know large gatherings presents the biggest right now. Would you advise someone to go to a big gathering right now? Yes, or no?” the anchor poignantly asked.

“Well it’s not a yes or a no, every single person has to make up their own mind. They’re going to people going to beaches and going to BBQs…they have to look at their individual risk. As you mentioned, CDC mentioned larger gatherings are higher risk,” Jerome added. “You have to take that into account again, with whether or not you’re at risk. Whether or not you live with someone who is vulnerable. And you have to take measures to stay safe,” he also said, concluding with a reminder to wear a face mask — despite there not being a requirement to attend either of the Donald Trump hosted events at Mount Rushmore and in Washington, D.C.

“The most important thing: please wear a face covering. If we all wear these, we will have more independence and more freedom. More places will be able to stay open and we’ll have less spread of the disease,” Jerome urged.

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