Arnold Schwarzenegger Dishes on How He Drives Away Negative Thoughts

The bodybuilder-turned-movie star has been meditating every day after realizing how it really helps to calm his chaotic mind and reduce stress so he’s able to stay focused.

AceShowbizArnold Schwarzenegger turns to meditation to enhance his mental and physical health. Since the 1970s, the “Terminator” legend has meditated on a daily basis and believes that the practice has been “very helpful” to his efforts to keep in shape.

“I started doing it back when I felt like too many things came together and I was overwhelmed and frantic. I realised that in meditation, you have to really focus on not thinking about anything. It helps you put the blinds on and not to see anything and not to pay attention to anything, except one thing at a time,” Arnie, 75, told Tudum.

The Hollywood star features in his first-ever TV series as a CIA operative in the Netflix’s “FUBAR” and revealed how he worked closely with the stunt team to make sure he could pull off scenes that see him hanging upside down aboard a train and involved in high-speed chases.

He explained, “What I always do is become friends with the stunt team because they’re going to save your a** there. They’re going to really make sure that you look good, that you can do the stunts really well and that you’re staying safe.”

Arnie always trains hard for the stunts he has to perform and prepares thoroughly so it comes as second nature when they need to be done on camera. The former bodybuilder said, “I believe in reps, so I do as many reps as possible, and we go through it as many times as possible so it becomes second nature. Because the idea of it is when we do our action, we don’t really have to think that much. It’s just all instinct.”

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